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Weekend Wrap Up

This is the last uneventful weekend we will have for the next 2 weeks, so we definitely made the most of it.  Yesterday we slept in until 11 am which I haven’t done in a LONG time.  Like I have been complaining about for the past few days, it rained nonstop and I didn’t want to make a trip to the farmer’s market this weekend.

Grocery shopping is always a fun time for me. I only took a picture of the things that I don’t get every week since I keep posting pictures of the same things:

– zucchini
– yellow squash
– Tazo Earl Grey tea
– Blueberry Muffin Lara bars
– coconut oil
– organic whole wheat pasta
– paprika
– unsweetened applesauce
– pumpkin (it is fall after all)
– Silk unsweetened original almond milk
As soon as the weather gets cold outside, I start drinking Earl Grey tea in the afternoon.  I don’t know why but I must have it.  
Neil wanted to try some of the Calm drink that I gave away in the last giveaway after the raving review that I got from the winner’s husband 🙂
Now that it is fall, my baking instincts have kicked in and I needed to stock up on some pumpkin and a lot of applesauce.
Like I said previously, the internet has me freaked about about carrageenan, so I am bravely going to try another brand of almond milk once the Almond Breeze one runs out.  I will update you on the transition!
Bulk bins make me happy
We had some last minute things to get for the wedding, so we took a trip to the mall.  Look at this sweet little baby tux!!
So. many. nail polishes.
I have a problem with Bath and Body Works
We ate at the Indian Chipotle (as I like to call it) in the mall for lunch:
– brown rice
– grilled chicken
– veggies
– chickpeas
– HOT SAUCE (mmmmmmmmm)
I was getting nervous because I still didn’t have shoes for the reception and didn’t have luck finding any in the past. This weekend the first shoes I saw in the first store we went to were perfect!
They’re so sparkly the camera can’t even handle them.  Super pumped (pun intended)!
When I came home I felt like baking, but my creation was definitely sub-par.  I adapted a recipe and set out to make apple cranberry muffins.  I have a problem with whole wheat flour making things way too dense.  I also haven’t used it since we lived in the apartment, so it may be time to grind up the wheat berries from my mom.  I ate three to make sure I wasn’t being crazy but they definitely didn’t get better the more that I ate 🙂
I hate getting rid of food, so they sat on the counter overnight before I finally had to toss them this morning to clear space for dinner cooking.  Of course I ate another half of one to check again but they were even denser a day later.  Another day…
Tonight I made my lovely kabocha squash and pumpkin black bean soup.  The soup was a VAST improvement from my last pumpkin soup and the kabocha was just as delicious as everyone has said.  Stay tuned for the recipes and have a great night!
Question of the day: What healthy things did you do this weekend?

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