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Back in the Groove

Happy Monday!

This weekend was pretty relaxing and I feel like I am starting to get back in the groove of things after the wedding.  Friday night Neil and I went out and had a delicious sushi dinner:

It has now been a week since I have been off gluten and I am trying to pay close attention to what my body is telling me, but unless it screams something unpleasant, it sometimes becomes difficult.  I suppose that is a good thing, because upon reflection I haven’t had any surprise stomach swelling (alliteration makes it sound more pleasant) or overall discomfort.  I know that it takes more than the few hours I was hoping it would for me to tell if I am sensitive to it, so hopefully I will have a better idea in a couple weeks.  It is always easier for me to realize what my body is telling me when it is something negative than positive.
Saturday we spent some time with family in MD since some relatives were going back to India.  I had delicious Indian food (but no naan uggghhhhh) but forgot to take pictures.  We went to the grocery store that night and I was drawn to the local squash stand where I realized that there are far many more squashes than I knew about.  I was so excited!!
I bought this last one because, well, how can you resist a name like that? I took the little nugget home with me and will make it sometime soon.  For now, my favorite is still the kabocha, but who knows now that my squash horizons have been expanded!
Sunday was a relaxing day at home and I saw these exciting finds at Wegmans:
I like eating raw cauliflower, but I still have the Romanesco in the fridge that I have to finish.  How cool are these though??
I was starving when I went to the store (never a good idea in a grocery store), so I got this butternut squash and cranberry mixture with a bunch of greens mixed together:
Last night I made a horrible tomato soup, but my sister just sent me a tempting chili recipe that I will share with you when I make it.  I made a bunch of delicata squash and munched on that.  I can’t stop!
I received my tea swap tea yesterday from Healthy Living Blogs and will post about that soon.  I also got in touch with my food pal for the swap from The Lean Green Bean.  I am REALLY excited about that and I also can’t wait to put my package together to send off.
Finally, I wanted to thank everyone for their support about my last post. I received some positive feedback and I wanted to update my readers and let them know that things are much better this week.  Things truly are a process and I need to remember that and not let my impatience get the best of me.  As much as I would like to skip over the feelings, they are important for me to grow through if I am interested in more long lasting changes for the better.  Not dealing with issues only postpones when they will resurface.
I hope everyone has a great start to their week and I will see you all tomorrow!
Question of the day: What were some of your weekend highlights?

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