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Cinematic Cardio

Last night I went to the gym but didn’t do any weight training.  I was itching for a run since I haven’t been in a little while.  I’m sad now that it is getting too cold and dark too early for me to run outside, but I have the next best place: the CARDIO CINEMA.

My gym has what is termed a “cardio cinema,” which is basically a scaled down theater with exercise machines instead of chairs.  The room is dark and they play movies on a giant screen so that you can exercise and also get a theater experience.  It’s fantastic.  Last year when I was running obsessed (not in a good way), I could easily stay and run through a whole movie.

The good news is that my injury seems to be repaired.  I am able to run and I tried a few squats just to see if the sharp pain came back, but it didn’t.  I’m still going to hold off a little bit on leg day though and make sure that I stretch out a lot before bed, something that I had slacked on doing before I got hurt.
Usually the gym plays a mix of new and old movies and I was hoping that I would luck out last night and watch something that would make the time fly by.  Unfortunately, I was subjected to the live action Disney remake of the Underdog cartoon and wound up listening to music anyway.  At least I was able to watch something besides the numbers on the treadmill. 
I have to be careful if there is any action in the movie, though, because for some reason my brain causes me to lose my balance if things move too fast on the screen (think flying or falling).  Luckily, I was able to avert my eyes and not fall over on the treadmill when faced with the action packed scenes in Underdog.
I ran a nice 5 miles in 47:54.  I started at a speed of 6.0 mph and increased by 0.1 mph with every mile, completing mile 5 at 6.5 mph.  I knew it wouldn’t be a problem after I realized I was running 9 min miles outside not too long ago.  It is important to challenge yourself if you are hoping to see progress as well as change in any fitness goals that you may be striving for.
After the gym, I stopped at the Asian market to load up on kabocha squash. I made one of them last night because they are delicious.  I may have a squash problem.  I love that store because they have so many lentils, beans, flours, produce, etc, but I realized that some of this poses a problem if I am trying to avoid gluten.  Take for instance this entire aisle of lentils:
Foreign companies are not as interested as Americans in labeling their products as gluten free or other more specific dietary labels.  The closest that I saw was allergy labeling which stated that they were processed in a plant with nuts, milk, wheat, etc.  So this means that there may be gluten cross contamination or there may not.  That doesn’t really help me.  Lentils are in themselves gluten free, but it is often the processing and packaging process that can lead to cross contamination with things that may be allergens to other people.  
As much as I wanted to get these bulk bags of goodness, I refrained until I have a better idea of my reaction to gluten.
One more note about yesterday is that I learned a new way to eat an apple.  I had read this article and was intrigued by this way to eat an apple that I had never even considered. Watch the video here:
I am happy to say that this way was successful, although there were a couple bites that were a little tougher and less tasty.  Overall, though, I’m pretty impressed and surprised that this was the first time I had seen this.  Give it a try.  It’s especially fun when your coworkers get freaked out by it.
I have some errands to run before my lunch is over, so I will have to cut this short.  I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and stays warm.  It didn’t snow here, but I woke up to lots of reports of snow around the country.  Yuck.
Question of the day: Do you prefer running indoors or outdoors? 

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