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Gluten Free Update + Legs

I had to run to the post office today to send out my foodie pen pal package, so I only have about half my lunch break to write this.  I am so excited to get my package and for my match to get hers!  Look forward to the end of the month when I post all the goodies I get!

Last night I went to the gym and was successfully able to do my leg workout without injuring myself. Yesss.  I took it easy and did 20 lbs lighter on the leg press since that’s what did me in last time, but other that than the workout wasn’t altered much and I am nice and sore today.  For those who are interested:

– 10 min warmup run on the treadmill
– 3×12 abductor machine (210 lbs)
– 3×15 leg press (160 lbs)
– lunges down 70 ft hallway and back (25lbs)
– 3×12 single leg deadlifts (25lbs)
– 3×12 abductor machine (210 lbs)
– 3×15 leg press (160 lbs)
– lunges down hallway and back again (25lbs)
– 3×15 squats (25lbs)
I also used some kind of glute/hamstring machine that I didn’t catch the name of, but it was basically a hamstring curl machine standing up.  I will check it out next time I go. 
As I was leaving, a car stopped to let me cross and I tried to hurry and hopped off the curb only to have my leg almost give out.  I tried to play it off as some kind of white girl pimp walk while I hobbled across the street.  So smooth.
Now for my gluten free update.  Yesterday marked 2 weeks since going gluten free and I can’t say that I notice a large difference.  I heard from someone else who cut out gluten that she noticed a difference within a week, but saw larger differences by the two month mark.  I am not going to give up now, but I am not sure that gluten is my issue.  Granted, my stomach hasn’t swollen up like a balloon since I have cut it out, but I have also stopped eating my daily protein bar snacks.  I had one last week and experienced the stomach issues again.
I am wondering if I have a problem with either casein or whey (or both).  I know I am already sensitive to dairy which is why I switched to almond milk years ago and stay away from yogurt even though Greek yogurt is so delicious.  In doing some research, sensitivities to dairy can be complicated because there can be reactions to lactose, casein, whey, or any combination of the above.  I am going to continue with my gluten experiment for a few more weeks and then add it back in and see what happens.  If nothing, I will move on to fine tuning this dairy beast.
I wish that food allergy/sensitivity tests were more reliable, but alas they are not.  Many are blood tests, which do not give the most reliable results about what is going on in your intestines.  If you are looking for a more reliable test, stool samples often give a better indication of what is going on, but I’m also not a huge fan of that either.  On one hand it is fun to be my body’s own food detective, but on the other it can be frustrating and time consuming.  I am willing to work and figure it out, however, because I am tired of my body reacting crazily and me not having any idea why.  If anyone else has had any of these issues, I would love to hear your experience on the subject.
For now I will continue my gluten experiment and keep you apprised of my findings.  Wish me luck!
Question of the day: For those with food sensitivities, how did you discover the foods you were sensitive to and what did you do about it?

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  1. Protein bars are full or processed crap most of the time – sugar, dairy, additives, preservatives, soy, etc. That could be a huge issue right there. Focus on cutting out processed foods that contain ingredients you don’t know and I imagine you’ll notice a huge difference right there. That stuff kills my stomach too.

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