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Tea Swap

Happy Wednesday!

As I have been saying, I received my teas in the mail since I signed up to participate in Healthy Living Blog’s tea swap.  One of the perks of starting this blog and reaching out to others in both my musings and in a more direct manner is that I get stuff.  It’s not unwanted stuff like junk mail, but things that have to do with health and that I enjoy.  I like being able to connect with other people through more than a cyber shout out or one ended dialogue.  
The rules of this swap were to send along two tea bags to your partner.  Easy.  Here are the two that I received along with a nice letter:
I technically haven’t tried either yet because the Throat Coat tastes a little like licorice which I have an unnatural aversion to, but Neil had it and he found it to do what it advertises.  We have another throat tea that he said tastes similar to this one so it gets 2 thumbs up!  I am excited about the mint tea but haven’t had it yet.  As you may have seen on here, I drink Yogi Bedtime tea every night because I feel like it is the perfect blend of ingredients with a hint of mint.  I will probably have this mint tea tonight now that I am thinking about it.  Actually, I want it right now.
I am sending out my tea bags (one is Bedtime of course because I must spread the wealth), so hopefully my match enjoys them as well.  
I have to run to the health food store today (and wander like a nomad) so I am going to leave you with a delicious picture of my dinner last night.  I forgot I had this avocado, so I cut it in half and poured eggs all over it.  Then I poured Sriracha all over it because I NEED SPICE and apparently having it on my lunch everyday isn’t enough.  
I hope everyone has a great day and I will catch up with you tomorrow!
Question of the day: What is your favorite part of reading or writing a blog?

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