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Gluten-Free Week 4 Update

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Monday.  I wanted to give everyone an update on my gluten-free experiment.  It has been 4 weeks today and I honestly can’t say that I have noticed much difference at all.  I wanted to wait for 4 weeks and then try having gluten again to see if there was any reaction.  Last night Neil and I ordered pizza while watching football and I ate that to reintroduce it to my diet.  Today I feel the same.  I know that it can sometimes be  a delayed reaction, so I will be attentive to how I am feeling today and tomorrow.

The main thing that I noticed as a difference was that my physical appearance stayed more consistent than when I am eating gluten.  This may not be due to gluten at all, however, and is quite possibly the result of cutting bread and flour out of my diet.  I did not eat a large amount in the first place, but completely removing it seemed to decrease the fluctuations that I noticed from day to day in how my clothes fit.

After cutting out gluten, I noticed that I developed daily headaches for about the past 2 weeks.  I have no idea what could be causing these since I have kept everything else in my diet the same.  Again, I am not attributing them to gluten, but it is just something I noticed.  I have one today as well.  Hmmm.

As much as I know you love reading about my food sensitivity experiments, you must be even more excited to read about my weekend.  I will make sure to keep you updated on the whole gluten thing.  Yesterday was December 1st and I got this gem for Neil and I:

I had been on the hunt for an advent calendar this year because I hadn’t had one since I was a kid and Neil didn’t even know about them.  I figured it would also be a perfect gift for Neil because he is very impatient when it comes to Christmas and doesn’t like being confined to one day for presents.  We both like tea, so I found this and thought BINGO.  The only problem is that they sold out in like 2 seconds online and since David’s Tea is primarily a Canadian store, the only physical locations in the U.S. are in NYC.  
Going along with my obsessive nature, I knew I MUST HAVE IT.  I am so grateful to my cousin-in-law (is that a thing?) because she went to the actual store and mailed it to us.  The first tea was delicious and I will have the second one tonight when I get home.  The tins the tea come in are so adorable and I can save them for future spice use.  I will be updating you on this tea journey as it continues.
Speaking of spice, Neil surprised me with an early Christmas present this weekend: an online herb and spice class from a culinary institute!  As you can see, his excitement does not only apply to him and he is often too impatient to wait and give me presents on Christmas as well.  I was so excited because I had just been talking about how I was overwhelmed with different seasonings and I wished there was a place that would just tell me what goes with what and what to use them in/on/around/etc.  I started it last night and I am PUMPED. I am going to season EVERYTHING.  I’ll probably be a master chef when I’m done.
To end today, I will leave you with this:
I saw these in Target over the weekend and must say that the one on the right seems a little shifty.  I do not trust him.  
Question of the day: Does anyone else have an advent calendar? If so, what kind?

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  1. I’m new to your blog and I love it! I live west of Chicago, so I really enjoying seeing familiar spots… and some new ones! As for your headaches, gluten is in everything and a lot of the products are high carbohydrate. If you have eliminated gluten from your diet, you have probably drastically reduced your sugar intake. Your headaches may be due to low blood sugar, just a thought. Also, I buy an advent calendar every year. This year I have an old one I found at an antique store in Geneva, IL. Its just cardboard with little windows to open, but it has the prettiest winter scene with angels. I can’t wait to see what opening the windows brings!

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