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Road Trip

Happy Monday! I have returned from the south and am back in chilly Virginia.  Thank you all so much for your comments and kind words after my grandma’s death.  Friday we made the 12 hour drive to Alabama, the service was Saturday, and we left after lunch that day.  We drove about 8 hours to Raleigh, NC, where we spent the night with Neil’s cousin.  We left Sunday morning and got back to VA around 5pm.  Lottttta driving.  I was graced with a speeding ticket in NC that requires me to be in court. 5 hours away. Yay road trip?

Here are some pictures from my voyage:

Friday night we stopped for Indian food in Knoxville, TN of all places.  It was actually pretty delicious.


I had been wanting some kombucha, but couldn’t find it along our route.  That is, until I found THIS right next to the Indian place. I squealed.


I had never seen/heard of this store but I was SO PUMPED. I don’t know why I get so excited about healthy food stores.  If you need 25lbs of carrots, I’ve now told you where to get them.




I love things in bulk:



MMM brussel sprouts.


My quest was completed!


I found another one in Alabama! I went to get Neil and I a smoothie in the morning and got there before they opened. So I waited outside. Like a weirdo.


Kale, parsley, apple juice, peaches, and some weird super green power boost magic crap. Tight.


For lunch we went to a place that my grandma used to really like, so I figured I would order something I really like, but haven’t had in a good while now.  CALZONES. I guess they knew I hadn’t had one in awhile since they made it big enough for me to eat for days.


Sunday morning at Neil’s cousin’s house, he made us an awesome breakfast and smoothie



It was a long weekend, but it was good to see family and have a road trip (minus the stupid ticket).

Everyone have a great Monday!!

Question of the day: What is your favorite part about road trips?

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