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Work It Out

Happy Tuesday!

I am still getting used to this new platform, but so far it is a vast improvement.  I feel like there is so much to do and I have no time to do it! All this week I am working on our wedding thank yous (just a few months late…I promise we are thankful for your gifts!!), so I get home from work and do those until it’s time for bed. There was an unexpected employee loss at work so my schedule has gotten a little jumbled around.  Oh well, c’est la vie.

Last night I made my Monday trip to the gym and I still can’t believe how crowded it is after 8pm on Mondays! I expected an increase immediately after the new year, but it didn’t get this way until around the end of January.  Belated resolutions? Anyway, I love routine too much apparently and just continue to go on Mondays and grumble when there are people on all my machines.  Yes, they’re mine.

I did more leg work since I’m not back to my long running capabilities yet. I definitely think the needling is working, I just hate not having immediate results.  I know it helps though since it resolved my hip injury over the summer.  For those interested, here were my exercises of choice:

  • 10 min warm up run on treadmill
  • 4×12 legpress
  • 4×15 Romanian deadlifts
  • weighted walking barbell lunges (~70ft hallway and back)
  • 12 barbell squats
  • 3×12 hamstring curls
  • 4×20 weighted bridges

As we all know, I like routine and it is easy for me to just repeat the same workouts.  I know that is not advantageous, so I always try and mix up the exercises/weight/reps so that my body doesn’t get accustomed to the same thing.  I am sore today. LOVE.

I came home and immediately devoured one of these Vega Sport bars. I first had one after my foodie penpal sent it to me.  They are vegan, which means that I don’t have any of the unpleasant side effects that casein and whey give me.  They use pea protein and are DELICIOUS.  The only downside is the price so I don’t think that I would eat them consistently, but nonetheless I bought an entire box when I found them the other day because I have been trying to locate them near me and they are a mystery in this area.


I also snapped a picture of my lunch this morning because I thought it looked nice on the counter. Yeah I’m weird.


  • more sorghum w/ Earth Balance and salt/pepper
  • roasted kabocha squash (MMMMMMMMM)
  • banana
  • broccoli (homemade hummus not pictured)
  • kombucha

I don’t eat all this at once and actually spread it out over the day. I can’t do the 3 meal thing and I just try and eat when my body is hungry. This means that you can usually find me shoving my face with something.

I think that’s all the excitement I have for today. I am antsy to make some more delicious foods and since football is over now I have lost my precious Sunday time.  Maybe I’ll just keep it anyway.

Question of the day: What are your favorite workouts? How do you usually eat throughout the day?

5 comments on “Work It Out

  1. I’ve heard really good things about the Vega bars, but I’ve never tried them before! Also, I need to get better about listening to my body and eating when I’m hungry – I’m such a creature of habit I eat lunch and my snack at the same time every day without even thinking about it! It’s a terrible habit! Your lunch looks great though! I haven’t had kabocha squash in ages!

    1. I used to clock all my snacks but then realized that some days I’m just hungrier or not as hungry as usual so now I try and pay attention to that.

      I found the bars at MOMs organic market when we were at the meetup actually and I deplete my local Asian store of kabocha on a weekly basis bc it is so good!

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