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Costco Crazy

It is COLD today. Yes, I’m going to talk about the weather because it’s what all the cool kids are doing. But like real cold. I’m over it and also over talking about it. Lame.

Yesterday I mentioned sharing some things that I am excited about.  Of course I will share the one that you will be excited about tomorrow so I can pique your interest and keep you coming back. I’m a mastermind.

So the other night Neil and I had a date night after work which consisted of me eating this delicious bowl at Which Wich again:

20140313-152110.jpgBlack bean patty, spinach, red onions, hummus, mushrooms, SRIRACHA.

After that, we decided to brave Costco to see if we could really benefit from a membership. I can’t tell you how many times we have gone and just found that we wouldn’t get enough stuff for it to be worth it.  Well that night’s trip was very different.  When did Cotsco get so progressively healthy??

I got way too excited by all the healthy food options in bulk and needless to say, we are now Costco members.  Another tip: go at 730pm on a Tuesday. The store was virtually empty and I could spin and twirl down the aisles all I wanted.  I made him promise that we would never go on a weekend.  NEVER EVER.

I came home with all these goodies:

20140313-151352.jpgI go through a lot of coconut oil in my baking, so this was a steal.  Bonus is that it has a wide mouth (twss).  I hate trying to spoon out coconut oil from a regular jar with its little opening.  With this much, I can slather it all over my hair and skin too.  

20140313-151346.jpgI haven’t seen this before, so I bought it.  Not pictured is the 4lb bag of quinoa I also got. Wegmans seems to have mysteriously moved the 3lb bag I normally buy off their shelves, so that was a lifesaver.

20140313-151400.jpgChia seeds all day everyday in my smoothies so this was a duh.

20140313-151407.jpgI did a terrible job of adequately taking pictures.  I think I was too excited.  This is a gluten free flour that doesn’t use a whole bunch of rice flour.  I loved that they have sorghum flour in here and am really excited to try it out. I can’t remember if I went over my obsession with gluten free flours and finding the perfect combination to sub for all purpose, but this stuff gets me PUMPED.  What is wrong with me?


20140313-151421.jpgThis, however, took the cake and sold me on the membership.  WHAT IS THIS BLACK BEAN PASTA? THOSE WORDS DON’T EVEN GO TOGETHER.  It needed to be mine and I may try and make it this weekend if there is time.  OMG.

20140313-151326.jpgI also got a bag of pecans at a much cheaper rate because I like to give out my maple spiced pecans as a gift when we go places.  They can get expensive, so this was a bargain.

As a parting gift, I also found a box of nubs to go with my nub thumb.  You’re welcome.

20140313-151450.jpgCheck back tomorrow for the part that is more exciting for you.

Question of the day: Do you have a Costco/Sam’s Club/bulk store membership? 

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