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Weekend + Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday/St. Patrick’s Day/Snow Day!

I have a lot of adventures to cover today and of course the internet decides to act up on my lunch break when I want to write about them so I’m going to try and get everything covered.  I hope you all had a great weekend. If you live in the DC Metro area, you may be confused as to what season we are actually in.

Saturday I ran the Lucky Leprechaun 5K and by the end of the day it was a lovely 65 degrees.

20140317-152106.jpgNeil waited for me near the finish line to snap action shots (which turned out atrocious) and he decided to run along with me to the end. We got this gem out of it:

20140317-151826.jpgAfter the race we went to meet a friend for a movie and I got to have lunch at Cava again which was absolutely delicious.  I’ll save the photos for Wednesday’s post.  We also stopped into MOM’s Organic Market where I was able to pick up some things that our local Wegmans doesn’t have:




20140317-151714.jpgDinosaur kale, a different flavor of Purely Elizabeth granola (the best granola ever made and also gluten free!), and some weird abomination of meat/fruit bars for Neil (wtf?). I didn’t get the zucchini slices because at $6.49 I’ll just make them myself. Good idea for a flavoring though!

Sunday we went to my in-laws house for their Holi party.  I got fancy and Indian:


20140317-151901.jpgThe food spreads are always amazing and although we couldn’t stay for dinner because it started snowing, I snapped a quick picture of the appetizers:

20140317-151930.jpgWe got home before the snow got too bad and then just collapsed for the night.  The weekend started off so nicely and ended in an arctic nightmare. I think the Earth may soon explode.

I wanted to thank everyone who entered my giveaway for The Oh She Glows Cookbook! I got a lot of responses and comments.  The winner of the giveaway is Megan Wollenberg! Megan, look for an email from me about getting your win.  Thank you everyone who entered and make sure to check back for more random giveaways!

To end on a St. Patrick’s Day note, check out the Virginia Bloggers green recipe writeup which features yours truly and many other talented Virginians!

Question of the day: Did you enjoy the spring part of the weekend or the winter part more? What fun did you have over the weekend?

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