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Five Things Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I took another nature wander yesterday at lunch and it was glorious.  I wanted to take today to bring you five of my favorite things right now:

1. Nut Butters

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have gone crazy making all sorts of nut butters.  I have only posted the recipe for homemade almond butter, but I should probably post the ones for my cashew butter and chocolate coffee peanut butter as well.  They are great to eat with fruits like apples and bananas (or dates if you’re weird like me), or just by the spoonful by yourself in a corner.




2. Spring

I know EVERYONE says they are happy that it is Spring, but I am too so I am saying it.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the warmth.  I am going to try and cherish this brief period of tolerable outdoor running weather before the humid death heat sets in.  We are headed to a flower and garden festival tomorrow which will give me lots of fancy pictures to share with you.  Now if only I had room for a garden…


3. Costco

Since getting our membership, I have been able to stock up on a lot of (surprisingly) healthy options that they have there.  Here are some pictures from our latest haul:

20140425-143933.jpgCashews, almonds, brussel sprouts, chia seeds, frozen pineapple, Medjool dates, frozen corn, maple syrup, pears.


4. Bikram Yoga packages

To be honest, I have never done Bikram Yoga, but my friend asked me to accompany her and now I am wonderfully excited.  I know I NEED to do yoga since I am so prone to injuries from not stretching and running/lifting, but I never WANT to do it.  This has given me the push to sweat through 90 minutes of yoga.  That and the 5 sessions that I locked myself into.  Go hard or go home.  My first trip is tomorrow and I am PUMPED.  I’ll be sure to report back of course.

5. Spiru-tein Protein Powder

My body does not seem to like dairy/whey, so a lot of protein powders on the market are off limits to me.  I had been wanting to try this kind and when I found it 50% off yesterday, I bought it.  I made a smoothie after a crucial leg day last night of this, mixed greens, blueberries, and homemade cashew milk and it was quite delicious.  I like having a protein powder back in my life.


Question of the day: What are some of your favorite things?

5 comments on “Five Things Friday

  1. My favorite thing today is Westin hotels! I’m staying here for a race on Sunday, and their customer service is really just so lovely! I might be a Westin exclusive type of lady now! (I love clean nice hotels with nice service 🙂 )

  2. Awesome, almond butter is delish 🙂 my favorite things right now are naps – it’s been a long week and sitting back on my sofa is just what I needed. Especially after a long day of paintballing. Enjoy the yoga Erin! Take care -Iva

  3. My favorite thing right now is reading – been reading a lot since I joined a second book club! It’s been fun to relax and take off in a book! Take care!

  4. First of all, LOVE Costco and bikram yoga (I just recently took my first class too). I really need to start trying this “make your own nut butter thing”!! We go through it like crazy!

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