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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! I was ushered to lunch earlier than expected today and as I sat down to write I realized that I had no idea what to write about.  Panic.  Contrary to the riveting topics of rain, grocery stores, Whole30, and lemonade that my friend Tayler gave me, I decided to do a post of pictures for Earth Day.

Many of these are from old posts, but I’m sure they will be new to a lot of my more recent followers.  Earth Day is a date I have always remembered for some reason.  You’d think that I would remember more important holidays, but nope, April 22nd has found an eternal place in my brain.  Weird.

I hope you all love nature as much as me, otherwise you may want to check back tomorrow 🙂  Happy Earth Day!














Question of the day: Do you like the outdoors? Why or why not?

3 comments on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Lovely photos 🙂 I never remember Earth Day but that’s just because I have really bad memory – there’s a lot of hype that goes behind all major holidays so it’s kinda hard to “forget” – otherwise, I would forget those too. 🙂 Happy Hump Day Erin! -Iva

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