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Move It Monday: Trail Edition

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter if you celebrate it and if not, hope you had an awesome Sunday! I will tell you that I was a little displeased to find so many stores closed, including the mall.  THE ENTIRE MALL.  My question then was where is Jesus supposed to go shopping when he is resurrected? Inconvenient timing.

This weekend was very low key and a lot of my pictures are of food so once again I will save that for an exciting What I Ate Wednesday.  Since Monday is our (me, Rana, and Stephanie’s) linkup, I will just post the best part of my weekend anyway: my run outside!

I had informed Neil on Friday that I NEEDED to run on the trail at some point this weekend.  I hadn’t been running in like a week and was experiencing an indescribable pull to both run and to do it outside. It’s a form of mediation for me and it really starts to bum me out if I can’t go.  Saturday I gorged myself with food while we were out with friends and we did some spring cleaning so it didn’t really fit into my schedule.  I informed him Saturday night that I was setting my alarm, waking up, and immediately leaving in the morning.

It was the perfect temperature to run.  It is always good to start off slightly chilly because I know by the end I will be covered in sweat with my red tomato face generating even more heat.  It was so perfect though and I stopped to snap a few pictures along the way:


Here is my artsy attempt at a photo (or what it would look like if I passed out on the side of the road):







Unfortunately, my knee is still a problem.  It started bothering me about halfway through and was definitely an issue by the end.  It lingered throughout the day and I made sure to ice it with my giant Costco bag of corn.  There is still some residual pain today so I am going to have to have someone at work look at it.  I guess my willing it away has not been successful….

So without further ado, here is your linkup!  What was your favorite activity of the last week?

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