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Move It Monday: Yoga/Running Edition

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was full of lots of outside time which made me happy.  What did not make me happy was that even after purchasing new running shoes, my aching knee problem still persisted.  It’s taking time to narrow it down at work due to the fact that I am a terrible patient and can’t describe the pain well.  With all the work and school in the healthcare field you would think that I would be able to describe things a little better. Nope.

Anyhoo, here is my weekend:

Saturday I woke up early to go to my first bikram yoga class with my friend Tayler.  She refused to let me take her picture, but I will wait until she least expects it.  Here I am nice and dry before the class (bonus lady in a towel in the background!)


After 90 minutes in 100+ degree heat:


I chose the Instagram version since the filter made my face less tomato-y.  If you haven’t yet, follow me on Instagram by clicking on the link in the sidebar!  I made it through the class alive and well and did not have to leave or take a break as I was warned I may have to do.  While she instructed us to come back every day, I think I will save my wallet by going every week or so.  It will be a good way to kill time when Neil is out of time as well.

After yoga, Neil and I went to the Flower and Garden festival.  Of course when we went it became overcast and chilly, but it was still nice to look at the green!   I didn’t take many pictures because there were masses of people.  We ducked into an antique store and did snap these though:


Apparently I can only pose like an awkward creature.  I was told this weekend that I was Anna from Frozen and after watching it I can definitely agree.  The first is only slightly awkward, but I included the second because everyone needs to laugh on a Monday right?



Sunday was PERFECT weather for a run.  I bought new running shoes as mentioned previously:


I get fitted for running shoes every time I buy them because I have learned that running strides/posture/etc can change.  I don’t want to rely on what I have gotten before if something has changed.  If you have never been fitted for running shoes, it is a MUST if you want to avoid injury and get the most out of your shoes.  I always end up with Brooks which have served me very well over the years.  I just wish all the women’s shoes weren’t HOT PINK. Maybe next time I will get some men’s shoes since those are the colors I always want anyway.

Equipped with my new shoes, I set out to test my hypothesis that my knee issue was being caused by worn down shoes.  While I did make it longer without pain than I had in the other ones, my knee still flared up.  Unfortunately, I was already 4 miles in and would have to turn around and come back.  Whoops.

I ran on a new part of the trail (for me) and came across some lovely sights on the way.  I finished up my 8 miles in good time, but I may have to lay off the mileage in order for this knee to get better.20140428-154622.jpg


My attempt at planting basil either failed or I didn’t give it enough time, so I impatiently bought some and planted it.  That’s my rage spilled dirt on the ground.  I’m so happy to have basil back in my life!


Here is your linkup for MOVE IT MONDAY.  Link up with Rana, Stephanie and myself and share your favorite workout from the last week!!

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Question of the day: How was your weekend? Has anyone else seen Frozen? Does anyone have a knee they can trade me?

6 comments on “Move It Monday: Yoga/Running Edition

  1. Love the hot yoga class before and after pictures. And your shoes are super fun. I, too, get shoe fittings and never know what color I’m going to end up with. I’m currently sporting neon yellow shoes with green CEP socks and a blue top. At first it bothered me that none of my workout clothes matched, but then I realized that I am working out and am sweaty and gross anyway. It doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing as long as it isn’t see-through/chaffing/etc. We even instituted a crazy tight night to make running speed workouts more fun. Think unicorns and sea creatures.

  2. I have yet to be fitted for running shoes … I know everyone recommends that, but I’m not really a “runner” … I just do a mile or so, with 3.25 miles being my top goal really. Just sticking to a nice 5mph. But I do still wonder if better shoes would make a difference. I HATE shoes! Lovely blossoms on your run, and I agree about all the pink shoes … I’m not really a pink person, although I have picked up a few pink things lately because that was what was available.

    1. If you start to notice any aches or pains my first stop would be a running store that does fittings. If you haven’t had any problems then keep doing what you’re doing! PS. Anyone who runs any distance is a runner! 🙂

  3. Brook shoes are awesome! I have a pair and was fitted for them as well, a fun experience. I’m not a runner but I have tried and it’s not my jam. Then again I don’t give it enough of a chance 🙂 Either way glad you had a great weekend Erin! Take Care -Iva

  4. Looks like an awesome weekend! I just tried my first ever bikram yoga class last week and it was definitely an interesting experience – I dont think I’ve ever sweated that much in my life! I hope your knee pain starts to get better though!

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