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Ocean City + Move It Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I am slowly getting back in the swing of things after spending the weekend in Ocean City.  It was a good break and the weather cooperated very well.  We went right on the cusp of the season starting so some things were still not open and others were opening while we were there.  All in all it was a great trip and not too hot or too many people which is just fine by me 🙂

Of course I barely took any pictures besides food and I want to save those for WIAW, so I will just put up a few random ones.  I guess it is good that I spent the time involved in the moment and not always thinking about what I have to document where but it would have been nice to have a few more pictures!

I go a little crazy packing for road trips because I am concerned of the (not) realistic possibility that I will run out of all food and then starve to death in the three hour trip.  So I packed a LOT of snacks and then we stopped at a grocery store near our hotel to pick up a few more perishables that wouldn’t have lasted the trip from home.


– homemade almond butter

– greek yogurt

– carrots

– brussel sprouts

– Kind granola/bars

– dried fruit

– apples/bananas

– broccoli

– Think Thin bars

I also research food options like an old person reading restaurant menus beforehand (yes I do that too) and I was excited to see there was a new healthy deli option that had raw/vegan/vegetarian/etc selections.  Ocean City is not known for it’s healthy options, so seeing that this was about a block from our hotel was money.



While it seemed promising, the selections were really not that great and I won’t even get into what Neil thought of his sandwich.  I was pretty disappointed, but it was a good thing that immediately next to our hotel is another vegetarian/healthy place that of course I didn’t take a picture of because I was too busy eating food.  We have gone there every time we stay in Ocean City and it was nice to be back!

Here is a random picture of the beach that is not at all internet worthy but it’s all I have:


Pretty exciting.  What IS exciting, however, is the second installment of Move It Mondays!  Check out Rana and Stephanie as we all put this on together!

Move It Monday 1

My favorite workout from the past week would have to be my run with Neil while we were on our trip.  Neil does not run with me, so when he offered I thought it would be a great time! We ended up running at 930 PM on the boardwalk to avoid having to wake up early and it was definitely cold and windy, but I was really happy to have him there with me to share in something that I enjoy so much.

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4 comments on “Ocean City + Move It Monday

  1. Looks like you had a great time!! I’ve only ever been to Ocean City once before (and I was at a conference, so I barely even got to see the beach), so I’m super jealous! And you had the world’s most perfect weather! Also, yay for running with the hubby!

  2. i LOVE your favorite workout that is too cute 🙂 This weekend was perfect to be at the beach! I can’t wait for this weather to stick around!

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