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Weekend Recap

Hello! Monday is usually when I do  recap of the weekend, but since it was the end of the month I had to write about my Foodie Pen Pal.  Therefore, today will be weekend related.  I looked through my phone and most of my pictures are of food (big surprise), so I will post most of those tomorrow on What I Ate Wednesday.  Neil was gone Saturday so there was a lot of cooking going on.

Before delving in, I wanted to share that I was featured yesterday on Sara’s blog Loving on the Run.  She is doing a weekly blogger feature and I had the privilege of being selected.  Check out the post here and also her awesome blog by clicking on the link above.

Friday night I had about a 30 min window of time to rush home from work and try to get a run in.  Along the way, I came across this fellow:


Not the best picture, but cool nonetheless.  Whenever I run outside it usually ends up being around dusk so I see a lot of random animals like deer, rabbits, and once in awhile a fox.  I love it.

Then I came home and iced my knee because it still bothers me after some time.  I got in 4 miles, but could feel a twinge, so I kept my compression socks on and put some frozen blueberries on it while I slowly became addicted to Scandal (thanks Stephanie).

I ate this:


Saturday I made almond milk again, but this time I actually strained it and saved the pulp to make almond meal with. I may do an updated post on homemade almond milk with these bits added. I still have to make some more almond butter, so once I get that done I can put up the almond trifecta post.


Note: I refused to spend money on a marked up nut milk bag, so this was made from some organza fabric at the local craft store. There is no reason for it to be colored except that it makes my life more exciting.

Later on, my friend Tayler and I traveled to a local health food store that I didn’t know about to check it out and buy more weird flavors of kombucha. I also got these lemon poppy seed raw snacks and they were awesome!


She also cut my hair which I am eternally grateful for because even though what I ask for at the salon is incredibly simple, no one seems to get it right. Until now. I thanked her profusely with mango slices and kombucha.

Sunday we had our monthly Northern Virginia Blogger meetup.  The weather was horrible, but it was great to get together with everyone again! I’m looking forward to the next one! Check out these lovely ladies! Rana, Kim, Iva, and Tinsley.


 I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

Question of the day: What did you do this weekend?

6 comments on “Weekend Recap

  1. It was great meeting you as well Erin 🙂 I am curious as to how to make Almond milk – I bought some but it would be fun to learn how to make it. Chia seeds are great and you can do a lot with them, it also helps they’re neutral in taste so you can combine them in lots of stuff 😀 Happy Hump Day! -Iva

  2. I’ll jump on the intrigued ban wagon too of making your own almond milk! That is so interesting! Are there a ton of benefits in making your own versus store bought?

    It was so great to see you again! Can’t wait until the next one 🙂

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