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Five Things Friday

It’s Friday! The weather here is finally clearing up so this weekend is looking promising.  Neil and I are heading to NJ on Sunday to spend some time with his extended family so it will be good to see everyone again!  We were originally going to spend both days up there but he has had a crazy week of work travel so we cut it down to one.  Apparently NJ is one of the meccas of Indian clothing and jewelry purchasing so I will have to wait to load myself up on gold and sparkles and colorful saris.  We are planning on making it a day trip sometime before August when we have a wedding to go to.

In other non-Indian news, I have been told that I can not run for 2 weeks.  I work at a physical therapy office and have been getting free medical treatment on the sly in an attempt to fix my knee issue.  It seems to be related to an issue with my IT band and if  you have been reading for awhile you know that I have been complaining about this for a couple months now.  Blah.  My co worker told me that now she is mad that I am not getting better and has put me on this restriction.  In truth, I know that I probably shouldn’t have been running even short distances, but I did. Guess I’m sidelined for now.

So it is Friday which means that I will share some of the things that I am digging right now:

1. Brooks Transcend Shoes

I got new running shoes since it was time, but unfortunately I had to take them back and get a new new pair.  I love Brooks, but the ones I got initially didn’t feel right when I was running.  I took them back to the store and of course after paying even more, I got a new pair that I LOVE.  It’s like running on air which is hard for me to feel because I need a shoe with mild stability.  I wish I could wear those cute lightweight shoes, but I think my legs would snap in two or dislocate or something if I did.  Seriously though, these rock (and they’re not pink!).


2. Garmin GPS Watch

I got this for Christmas which of course meant I would have to wait months to use it because I don’t run outside at Christmas.  I am not a fan of the cold.  Now that the weather is nice I have been using it all the time.  It is great to just run and not have to map out my courses beforehand so I know where I am in this big windy world.


3. Vega Sport Protein Bars

I am doing a more exclusive review on these next week, but I was sent another box of Vega Bars as part of their campaign.  This time I got the chocolate peanut butter flavor. OMG. Spoiler alert: these are delicious.  I have almost gone through my whole box and I may cry when they are gone.


4. Target Maternity Tanks

No, I am not pregnant. These tanks are just the best ever.  They are soft and stretchy and long.  I have a short torso, so I prefer longer shirts to make me look like a graceful swan.  Sidenote: I walked into the wall the other day. Twice.  They don’t have that weird maternity gathering on the side either that was cool like 10 years ago.  I just bought another one in black and it rocks.



5. Basil

I don’t think this needs any explanation.  I have been too greedy with my basil intake and my plant can’t keep up so I have been cheating on it with the Asian store where I can buy it the cheapest in bunches.  Bunches and bunches of basil.  MMM. Then I can make this.

20140516-131002.jpgSo that’s it for my Friday. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

Question of the day: What are some things that you are loving right now? 

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