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Move It Monday

Happy Monday! Sorry for the hiatus on Friday but we were short staffed at work and it was an absolutely insane day.  I haven’t had one of those in quite some time so when lunch rolled around I had to escape and wander around the town.  I am very good at doing one task very quickly and efficiently, but when multi tasking I feel like I am being pulled in every direction and then my brain wants to shut down. Thankfully that is over and I am back to residing in my solitary cube for the time being.

Here is  picture I took while wandering:


I had some errands to run today as well, so I will just jump right into Move It Monday and save the weekend for a later time.  I had a light week last week since my knee was still bothering me from the 8 miles on Sunday.  I thought it best to let my body rest before it gives out on me.  So my normally scheduled Monday workout was to go home and make almond butter (I think they’re probably the same calorie expenditure).

Thursday I had my knee taped up at work and went for a run on the trail when I got off.  The tape did not solve the problem so I cut my run short at 5 miles.


Saturday my friend Tayler and I went to Bikram again and I lucked out during the first half because the heat was broken.  It was still quite hot, but not as hot as it should have been.  By the end of the class they had it working again but it wasn’t too terrible.  It reminded me of the difference between putting a frog in water and slowly heating it up vs putting one in already boiling water.  That sounds morbid. Oh well.

I don’t have a picture because I didn’t force her to take one again.  I may go Thursday night because I think it will help the tightness I have from running and weightlifting.  I end up not stretching like I should because I feel like I won’t be as sore if I do.  What a weirdo.

Tonight I am back to the gym for LEG DAY because, well, it has been too long.  I will then stop for some basil because I have already depleted my plant by making the most delicious smoothie.  I will share it with you soon so be on the lookout.

Now it is time to share your favorite workout of the week! Make sure to check out Stephanie and Rana‘s sites as well in order to join us for our linkup! Just click on the link below this picture to join!

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  1. I feel you should really get that knee checked out – like seriously, lol. Take it easy and don’t overexert that knee before it really says au revoir. Have a great one Erin! -Iva

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