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Two Things Friday

Yay!  Friday!

I normally do my Five Things Friday today, but I have shortened it to two since Neil came back from a work trip and surprised me for lunch.  These are the two things that popped into my head this week so here goes:

1. Bikram (Hot) Yoga

I have been three times now and it is really good for me since I am always so tight from running and killing my legs at the gym.  I went last night after work at 8:30 so I wasn’t done until 10. I went home and immediately showered and crawled into bed.  I sweated way more than I normally do last night, but I’m going to attribute that to the fact that it was already so hot outside all day.  I snuck my phone in so I could take awkward pictures of myself beforehand.  The latter is me after I lost all the water in my body and drenched my clothes.



2. Food Processor

I mentioned this on Instagram, but I recently got a food processor in order to make more fantastic nut butters.  My Vitamix is glorious in everything it does, but I can not for the life of me get a drippy almond butter without adding oil.  I almost achieved it one time, but added maple syrup which caused it to turn into Play-Doh again.  I am SUPER PUMPED to try all sorts of new things in this processor.  Right now I am just devouring almond butter by the spoonful.




I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite things this week?

3 comments on “Two Things Friday

  1. I just got a food processor a few weeks ago but I haven’t made nut butter in it yet!! I’ll definitely have to try it. My vitamix is great for peanut butter, but I haven’t been able to get a drippy almond butter out of it yet!

  2. You need to teach my your nut butter secrets (<– that sounded SUPER awkward, but you know what I mean). I go through it like it's no one's business, and could probably save myself a lot of moolah by just doing it myself. But I'm so scared it's going to end in a sticky, messy disaster!

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