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WIAW: No Running Edition

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! It is time again for What I Ate Wednesday 🙂  If you are not familiar, check out Jenn’s blog for details.  This post will be pretty short because I found that once I stopped running, my appetite decreased a good deal.  Since I try and eat intuitively, that means I eat when my body is hungry and I don’t look at calories.  I think I should have eaten a more proper dinner last night, but there wasn’t time when I got home from yoga :/

Without further ado:


Same. Chocolate Blueberry Basil Smoothie and scrambled eggs with mushrooms.  I also drink a giant glass of water with apple cider vinegar and get a double espresso before work (not pictured), so I am extremely full of food and liquids when I start my day.  I like to start with a big meal and then taper off as the day goes on so I don’t go to sleep right after a big dinner.




I ate a giant banana and had some Purely Elizabeth granola (forgot to picture). I’m usually famished by lunch, but ended up eating it much later than usual because I wasn’t hungry.



I didn’t have much of a selection, so I grabbed a bunch of veggies from the fridge and mashed some homemade hummus in for some protein.  It was actually pretty good and filling and I had it again today.  Grated brussel sprouts and radishes, carrots, onions, and zucchini.


Dinner/Pre-Yoga Snack

Yes, this was all I had for dinner at 6:30, but I really wasn’t hungry at all.  Jazz apple and homemade almond butter. So good.  Actually I came home from yoga at 10:30 and ate a few dates and chugged a lot of water.  It’s amazing how much my appetite decreases when I am not killing myself exercising.



Question of the day: What have you been eating lately?

1 comment on “WIAW: No Running Edition

  1. Yumm, that salad looks good! And of course your morning smoothie looks delicious, as always! I am honestly really terrible at the intuitive eating thing. I am so bad at reading my own hunger cues, I’d probably be chowing down every hour if I didn’t follow some sort of general schedule/plan!

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