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Hiking on the C&O Canal

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am writing this from my sister’s apartment (hope you don’t mind Jackie!) instead of my usual Starbucks spot because I walked her dogs for her this afternoon.  Speaking of dogs, both of their birthdays fall within like a week of each other so we decided to take them on a fun birthday hike this weekend on the C&O Canal.  Here is a weekend recap:


HIKING.  They were super excited to be going somewhere even though they didn’t know where. What is this face?


The other one was a little more chill.


We walked for about an hour on the trail along the Potomac River:







A little ways in we discovered an old lock house which is apparently available for rent if you want to stay overnight.  It was really cool to go inside and see old pictures and be a part of the history.  It was not cool that there is no bathroom.





At that point we turned around and then I finagled through the woods and across some train tracks to get this awesome picture:


Not creepy at all.

The dogs really enjoyed their hike and were definitely worn out after the waking and the heat.




And disgruntled?



Sunday was pretty uneventful. I made some almond butter to fulfill some orders that I got.  So exciting! I’m thinking that if people continue to want to buy it that I can have special seasonal ones in the fall and winter.  How does that sound? I know turning my maple spiced pecans into a butter would taste AMAZING.  Give me your feedback!!

My hair was a colossal mess because I haven’t had it cut in months, so my friend Tayler graciously cut it for me.  Good thing too because it was starting to look like this:


Neil and I went back over to their house for dinner and I got this gluten free pizza from Ledo’s with sauce, mushrooms, and green peppers.  It was a little chewy and gummy, but still pretty good.


Overall it was a good weekend and pretty low key.  That’s good because the rest of the weekends in June are pretty busy.

Move It Monday

Since it’s Monday, I want to hear all about what YOUR workouts from this past week! Join up with myself, Rana and Stephanie and share any post from the past week that tells us about how you got your sweat on!  I have been going to Bikram Yoga at least 3 times a week and got in that nice hour hike this weekend.  I am still on a running hiatus, but may try it out again soon.  I NEED TO RUN.

Welcome to Move It Monday! Link up and share your workout recap post!
Move It Monday 1

Question of the day:  What did you do this weekend? 

6 comments on “Hiking on the C&O Canal

  1. It was Father’s Day last Sunday so we went to my in-laws to celebrate it with them. And of course, Sunday is leg day. 😉

  2. You sell the stuff?! Maple Spiced Pecans?! GIMME! What do you ‘spice’ it with? Sounds like a great weekend – no way in hell I’d ever stay in a “lock house” but good luck to those who do. I’ll stay at a Marriott -thanks. Have a great one Erin! -Iva

    1. If you click on the link it goes to the recipe. Right now I’ve only made regular almond butter, one w chia seeds for someone, and chocolate almond butter. I’m going crazy thinking up flavor combos!!

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