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Parties + Move It Monday

Happy Monday!

I have been strangely excited all day because I keep realizing that I leave on Thursday morning to head down to Savannah for FitBloggin. I am so excited!  I’m almost equally excited about the solo road trip which everyone seems to find weird.  I can’t wait.

This weekend was busier than normal, so let me jump into the recap:


Saturday afternoon I made the mistake of going to see The Fault in Our Stars with two of my friends.  I had no desire to see this movie because I knew it was sad (I guessed cancer by only the fact that it was a love story and that Facebook told me that everyone was crying…bingo). I wanted to see my friends, though, so I agreed.  Half a pack of tissues later it was over and I felt drained of all joy.  It was still a good movie though if you like depressing cancer crying.

Friday night was a birthday party for Neil’s aunt and family members had come from a bunch of different states.  The party was actually held at the same restaurant where we had our wedding ceremony.  I thought it was endearing to keep asking Neil if he remembered that was there we got married, but I think the novelty wore off after about the 8th time.  Thankfully he still took a picture with me.


As I mentioned on Friday, all the dresses I own are either really fancy or really old, so my friend from work brought some for me to try on.  I settled on this little diddy and made an absurd face because I feel absurd taking pictures of myself:



Since relatives were still in town, Neil’s parents had a lunch at their house on Sunday.  I’m saving a lot of the food pictures for What I Ate Wednesday, so basically I have no pictures because everything in an Indian event revolves around food.  I brought my almond butter and everyone went nuts (ha) over it.  They were putting it on celery, chips (Neil is a weirdo), anything they could get their hands on.  Everyone liked it with dates (which you all know is my favorite dessert snack), and the fervor led to some almond butter stuffed dates making an appearance.  I guess they liked it?

It was really good to see  a lot of the family and we definitely missed those who couldn’t make it.  We came home and did the obligatory Sunday errands and then got caught up on Suits.  A pretty excellent weekend if you ask me.

Move It Monday

Now everyone knows it is Monday, which means that it’s time for Move It Monday! Recap your workouts from the last week and feel free to join our linkup in order to share yours and gain inspiration from others! The link seems to be a little spastic for me again this week, so please head over to Stephanie’s blog to link up!!

Move It Monday 1

My workouts last week made me very happy because they were all running! I wasn’t able to make it to yoga at all, but I got in 3 runs without my knee causing me problems! I also split up my run on Saturday, but ran a total of 4.5 miles which is the longest that I’ve been given the go ahead to run.  My knee feels fine! I’m going to hope that that statement holds true as I try and get back to some distance runs.  Here are a couple pictures I snapped from Saturday’s run:





Question of the day: What were some of your workouts last week? How many dresses do you own?

5 comments on “Parties + Move It Monday

  1. Like the dress! It looks great! Let’s see, my workouts last week – yoga on Monday, Pilates on Thursday, and the stairs on Saturday. Standard routine, and I love it!

    Dresses? I don’t know- I probably own quite a few, but only actually wear about 4 or 5 of them on a regular basis. Those fancy dresses just hang in the closet for long periods of time….

    Glad the almond butter was such a hit!! Will have to try some the next time we get together!

  2. I love the dress!!! We’re definitely going to have to chat all about Indian food at FitBloggin, because it’s one of my favorite things ever, but I almost always stick to the same things. So I need some suggestions!

  3. That sounds like a super fun weekend! 🙂 Glad you were able to be at a place that draws such wonderful memories. Best of luck at FitBloggin’!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it Erin and safe travels! Happy Hump Day -Iva

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