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WIAW: Indian Edition

Happy Wednesday! I am extra excited because today is my last day of work this week. I am up bright and early tomorrow to make the drive to Savannah for FitBloggin.  SO EXCITED! I have been pouring over the schedule so that I can plan all the workouts and workshops I want to attend like a good little OCD girl.  It’ll be epic.

For today I have loads of Indian food to share with you for What I Ate Wednesday.  I think there is a sprinkling of salads in there as well, but a majority of my weekend was spent with in laws and delicious spicy food.  To get in on all the food action, check out Jenn’s blog for more info and how you can participate.

Breakfasts were always the same: chocolate blueberry basil smoothie, scrambled eggs and mushrooms, and a glass of water mixed with some apple cider vinegar.


Sunday afternoon we went to Neil’s parent’s house for a family lunch since they were still in town from the night before.  Everything is always a majestic display at their house, so forgive there being more pictures than normal.  We had Mexican food and it was fantastic.




Then the desserts came. Good lord.



This is a little after-meal snack you can grab as sort of a breath freshener/palate cleanser. There’s coconut, fennel seeds, anise, cardamom, dates, and these things in the middle.  I learned the hard way that I do not like these silver mysteries. I learned too late after I ate two at once.


I had some almond cake, baklava, and mango.


Here’s a picture of the appetizers. Notice that I could not get a picture without a hand in it because everyone was reaching for the almond butter. Well, dates to put in the almond butter.  It’s only the best snack.



Friday night I stopped by Which Wich and grabbed a bowl with spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, avocado, and pesto.


Saturday night was Neil’s aunt’s birthday party at the same restaurant where we had our wedding ceremony.  There were all sorts of foods and I have no idea what they are called but I ate them all except the paneer (cheese).




Salad, lots of chicken (I went back twice), eggplant, rice, and naan.


Sunday night I threw a bunch of stuff together from the fridge. Eggs, mushrooms, avocado, and tomatoes.


Finally, my friend brought in homemade Pico de Gallo to work yesterday and she made me my own jar without cilantro since I think it tastes like dish water.  How sweet! I ate it all (after I may have spilled some all over the table).  There were jalapenos in it so I got my daily spice dose in.


So that’s it for my weekend eats. The next time you hear from me I will be on my way to an action packed weekend in Georgia! Everyone have a great day!

Question of the day: What have you been eating lately? Anyone else hate cilantro?

2 comments on “WIAW: Indian Edition

  1. Between the Indian food and the Mexican food, that really looks wonderful!

    And I’m with you on cilantro… that was so sweet of your friend.

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