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30th Birthday Weekend

Hello all! Today is the first day that I am writing to you as an official 30 year old. Oh. My.

I may have had a minor 1/3 life crisis last week involving thinking of everything that I have yet to do this year, everything that I have ever wanted to do for a career and am not doing right now, fixating on the one white hair I have, etc. You get the idea.  I think I am doing better this week.  Hey, at least I didn’t buy a new sports car. Wait, that doesn’t sound too bad.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here was mine (plus some days):


As I mentioned last week, Thursday was mine and Neil’s one year wedding anniversary.  We went to eat at the same restaurant we did following our low key courthouse ceremony.


We started off with a duck quesadilla because it sounded fancy.  Notice Neil’s strategic ring placement.


I had the atomic crab cake which was full of all sorts of creamy dairy, but oh well, YOLO.  It was delicious.


Neil had some kind of espresso marinated hen which was also delicious.



Work decided to celebrate my birthday on Friday, so I came in to find balloons tied to my chair and lots of cake.  Since I am not a huge fan of cake, my boss got me a separate flourless chocolate cupcake that I am always raving about from Cupcakes Actually.  So sweet! (I still had bites of cake anyway).


Notice that delicious almond butter in the background.  I had brought that, cashew butter, and maple spiced pecan butter in the day before.  Now people want to buy those too!


Saturday started off with a 7 am 7 mile run with Carly.  I feel like I may be turning into a morning person which freaks me out because when I used to have to wake up for high school I felt like it was the most severe form of punishment imaginable.


We stopped to help a turtle cross the trail. It didn’t want to hang out with us.



After our run, Carly surprised me with a blueberry, almond, and BASIL pie. She even made gluten free crust for me!  She also mentioned that she put about 10 times the amount of basil that was required, but I would have it no other way. I loved it.


After our run, we drove to MD to have a birthday lunch with Neil’s parents.  We ate in Frederick at a cafe that was recommended by a coworker who lives there.  I’m saving all the deliciousness for Wednesday’s post.

After lunch, we headed back to VA to meet up with my mom and sister. My sweet sister gave me this card:


And this sweet sweatshirt:


We drove about 30 min to get to my friend’s dad’s farm, where they were having an event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of a Civil War battle that was fought there.  They had a bluegrass band, pick your own vegetables, and a potluck dinner.  My friend’s birthday is the same as mine, so my mom made us a joint cake.



Unfortunately, it was sprinkling the whole time.  We all still had a good time and stayed until the end.


We went back to our place and watched a new-to-me home video that my mom had uncovered.  It was priceless.

I also came home to flowers from my dad:



Sunday was pretty low key. I wanted to spend time on this blog working on some top secret things, so Neil helped me out because I am not as tech savvy as he is.  We made waffles and then went to the pool for about an hour and a half.  Carly met us there and she gave me ANOTHER present: tape for my knee!  It’s nice to have PT friends.


That night Neil and I went to see Transformers 4 in IMAX and 3D.  We decided to go crazy and eat all the sugar, so I ate an entire box of Milk Duds before it even started.  Neil got some Sour Patch Kids and was super excited.



All in all I had a great birthday weekend, but it’s still hard to believe that I am 30!!

Question of the day: What did you do this weekend? 



6 comments on “30th Birthday Weekend

  1. Looks like a great birthday weekend! we went camping in Malibu, and had a great time hiking, singing around the campfire, eating, and chillaxin. All in all, a good weekend here too. Much love as your first week of being 30 continues… :-0

  2. I’m glad you had an awesome birthday! I really did want to eat some of that pie Carly made you! You are lucky I didn’t 😉 anyways, make plans for us all to hang out! We should go for a hike through great falls, I know difficult run pretty well! Anyways happy dirty thirty and I can’t wait to actually finally meet you and niel 🙂

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