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Family Fun and Fireworks

I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to spend time with family/friends/pets/plants/etc!

Do you ever have one of those Mondays? Mine wasn’t award worthy, but it definitely put a damper on my day when I realized I hadn’t charged my laptop and it died while writing this post.  Thankfully I took that time to catch up on phone calls and other things on my to do list so all was not lost.

Here is my epic recap of the weekend.


Thursday night after work my friend Carly and I went for a run.  We can hop on the W & OD Trail right behind the office, so we made some faces and set off.


Carly is also my expert taper and is on a mission to solve this knee mystery.  I applaud her efforts and how diligently she works to find a cure.  The doting is never ending.  Here she is hard at work:20140707-153558-56158969.jpg




It started raining on our run which was awesome. I never would have thought I would enjoy running in the rain, but it was quite an adventure.  We were only planning on running 5 miles, but it turned into 6.6.  Good thing because otherwise we would have missed this:



Friday we picked up Neil’s brother and niece who would be spending the weekend with us.  First we watched the Lego movie (second time for us…seriously, it is so good) and then headed to a friend’s house for Fourth of July festivities.  Before we left we put his niece in a box. She seemed happy enough about it.




Our friends have a lot of land and have a private fireworks show every year.  There were 350 mortars and it lasted about 25 minutes.  It was out of control.


Saturday we watched the Emperor’s New Groove because his niece had never heard of it (whaaaa?!?!).  It was well received.  Can you believe it is has been 14 years since it came out?

We spent the afternoon at the pool in our neighborhood and then drove to MD for dinner with Neil’s family.  His cousin was visiting from India so we had a bit of a get together.  Stay tuned for the food spread tomorrow in What I Ate Wednesday.

We picked up a dozen cupcakes from Cupcakes Actually and imagine my surprise when I saw they had a Lemon BASIL cupcake.  It had to be mine. I don’t think she appreciated me snapping pictures in my excitement.


I am not a big cupcake fan, but my favorite is the flourless chocolate one.  It is amazingly fudgy and dense.  I had to try this lemon basil creation, but was sadly disappointed because it only tasted like lemon to me.  I guess more people want a hint of flavor and don’t make daily smoothies with basil.  Once my mother-in-law heard I like basil, it suddenly appeared in my tea.


Thanks to my brother-in-law’s surgical skills, each cupcake was nicely dissected for multiple people to try.  Then there was carnage.





Before we took them to the airport, we met some other friends for lunch about 15 minutes away.  I didn’t even know these shops existed and was ecstatic that our restaurant was right next door to a used book store.  I LOVE BOOKS.





After brunch we said goodbye at the airport, strolled around the mall, then went home and ate pizza and had a movie marathon.  Not a bad ending to a long weekend.

Since I don’t know where else I will use this picture, here is a friend I met while running yesterday morning:


I hope everyone had a great weekend and Fourth of July!!

Question of the day: Have you seen the Lego movie? Why not?

6 comments on “Family Fun and Fireworks

  1. I have not yet seen the Lego movie but now I want to. Also, my hands look so dainty in those pictures. Great picture taking though, you can really see the taping procedure!

  2. Looks like you had an AWESOME weekend! Those cupcakes look amazing, but I’m sad that the lemon basil one wasn’t as basil-y as you would have liked. You should take that as a baking challenge!

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