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July Foodie Pen Pals

Hello friends!

It’s the last of the month, which means it is Foodie Pen Pal reveal day. Foodie Pen Pals is a program where you receive a match and swap delicious packages of food. I’ve learned about so many new products and state-specific ones by participating. I highly recommend it! To read more or sign up, visit Lindsay’s blog here!

My match this month was Hannah and she did not disappoint.  Here is a recap:


 I love sampling new teas.  This way I can decide whether I like them and want to buy more. I can’t tell you how many times a tea has sounded delicious and I have bought an entire box, only to have it taste like dirt.


This was an intriguing protein cookie.  The good news is that it was also gluten free. I ate it as soon as I opened the package.


I really wanted to eat this, but I try to avoid whey because of my whole dairy thing (disregard the hypocrisy of the whey protein cookie above). Neil ate it and said he liked it.


Same thing here with this protein bar. This is a brand that we have gotten before though, so Neil happily gobbled it up!


I haven’t seen these bars before, so I was excited. I haven’t had a chance to eat it yet, but I love all the fiber it has! I have to make sure I eat it on a day when I don’t also eat a million dates…that might lead to problems.


I love edamame in every form, so I was excited for this. I can take it to work or leave it at home for a snack. The good thing about it being wasabi flavored is that I won’t be able to eat an entire bag in one sitting.


I saved the best for last. These are amazing. They’re not something to eat all the time considering the first (and therefore most abundant) ingredient is sugar, but they are really good. The name could probably use some tweaking, but I’ll take it. I took these to work and they were inhaled. They taste like maple butter Eggo corn pops. So basically like heaven.


Hannah, thanks so much for everything this month!

Question of the day: What are some new foods that you’ve discovered?

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