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Weekend + An Announcement

Happy Monday!

Before I dive into the weekend, I wanted to take a minute to share with everyone that I am now self-hosted! This means that I can now rule the world anything and everything on my site.  Everyone who has subscribed should have been migrated to this site and receive updates when new posts are made, but if anything goes awry, PLEASE let me know and I will send my wrath kindly fix the problem as soon as I can.

Now, for weekend update.


This whole weekend was pretty relaxed and I realized that most of my pictures were food, so you will have to bear with me.  Neil and I hung out with some friends and the stopped for a late night dinner at IHOP.  I was excited to see that their specials were (for once) not crazy pancake/crepe/french toast concoctions and were different scrambled egg combos! I love eggs.



Imagine my excitement when I discovered that one of them contained BASIL. SOLD.



Neil and I seem to be on some kind of movie kick this summer and we saw Hercules in IMAX 3D.  I love mythology. I know they were trying to do something different with starting the story after the feats of Hercules, but I kind of wished it had been about that.  It was an interesting twist to the story and it was entertaining, but nothing really to write home (or this blog) about.

That evening we went to a friend’s surprise 30th birthday party and of course I didn’t take any pictures.


Sunday I went with Neil to his favorite class at the gym: Body Combat.  I only ran 3 days last week, so I decided that this would count as my cross training exercise.  I was pumped to vary my workout, him not so much.


I haven’t been to the gym to do weights or classes since I hurt my knee, so I was glad to get back.  I was able to pick up the choreography quickly since it was so rhythm dependent. Luckily I’m pretty good at keeping a beat.  I love classes that don’t just have music in the background, but coordinate the moves with the beat.  I am nice and sore today after beating up my invisible opponent.

After the gym, we swung by Harris Teeter where I picked up these:


Neil and I went through a big baby food phase a couple years ago when I went with him for work travel.  We were in a hotel Monday through Friday and weren’t able to cook anything.  In order to get a quick serving of fruits and veggies, we stocked up on baby food.  The baby food market has really expanded in those few years.  There were all kinds of fancy combinations and lots of gluten free ones as well.  I guess you can diagnose celiac disease in babies now? Who knew?



These pouches make it even easier to pack them as quick snacks or fuel before or after working out.  For real, check out the baby food aisle for all the fanciness.

I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and FINALLY found this tea that my sister told me to get:


Tulsi means “holy basil.” I think there is no other word to describe this herb. I’m going to drink it right after I am done posting this and I can’t wait!

The rest of Sunday night was spent migrating my site to this one and trying to do every single update that I have ever imagined at one time.  My brain almost exploded. I went from blogs to business and planning where I want to take this nut butter endeavor.  It is all very exciting but also very all consuming at the same time.

Frodo and the cracks of doom


I am excited for all the possibilities and can’t wait to continue this journey with you!

Question of the day: Any self-hosters have tips for me? Do you like classes at the gym or prefer other workouts?

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