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Five Things Friday #9

Happy Friday everyone!

I took yesterday off because I didn’t have anything compelling to write about and I also needed some time outside.  Every now and then I just need to disconnect and spend some time in nature.  It’s incredibly calming to me, so whenever I feel that urge I try my best to listen.

I only did two out of my three planned weekday runs because I have been feeling slightly under the weather.  Normally I am able to wake up at 640 am and hop out of bed to run before work.  Thursday morning I was having real trouble doing that, so I pushed the run to this morning.  I wasn’t feeling much better last night though, so when the alarm went off this morning, I decided that it was more important to get sleep.  We are leaving tomorrow for a friend’s wedding in Rhode Island, so I want to feel my best for that.  My 9 mile run is also planned for Sunday morning, so I don’t want to push myself too hard before then.

Since it is Friday, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things lately:

1. Nature

Green is my favorite color and I love being around nature and water, so I take advantage of that whenever I can.  Winter is not my favorite time of the year as I’m sure you can deduce.  I have spent a lot of time researching where I can get my long run in this weekend in Rhode Island and I think I have finally found the perfect place.  Stay tuned for a recap next week!

Until then, here are some pictures from yesterday’s hiatus:






2. Healthy Snack Bars

I have always had an obsession with bars. I used to keep a basket above my microwave that was filled with different kinds of protein bars so I could always have them on hand.  I love trying new bars and seeing which ones I like and can use for different purposes throughout the day.  My two newest finds are the Gluten Free Bar and this flavor of Kind Bar.  I have had Kind bars before, but never one so amazingly delicious.  I really like the consistency of the GFB and it is one of the only bars where I enjoy a fruit flavor.  Seriously, check out the cranberry toasted almond flavor.



3. My Fitbit

I have to admit that there are a lot of things that I don’t love about the Fitbit, but what I do love about it is it’s ability to track my runs.  I know that this could easily be done with other apps like Map My Run, but I won my Fitbit at FitBloggin and since I have one, I use it.  i am a visual person, and I love being able to take a quick glance back at all of my training runs and see how I have improved.


4. My Perspective on Eating

This isn’t really tangible, so maybe I should rename it “waffles,” but Neil and I went out with a group of friends last night and I was really craving a giant waffle.  So I ordered it.

I never would have done something like this in the past when I was obsessively watching what I ate and denying myself foods that I had deemed “bad.”  After years of dealing with that pattern, I am able to eat well pretty consistently so when I want something like a giant waffle with butter and syrup, I eat it.  By understanding that moderation is key, I no longer restrict certain foods because I have learned that I am more likely to binge on them later.  Eating well means that I crave those kinds of foods less often, but when I do I have no problem eating them.  It’s definitely a process, but I like where I am in it today.


Sidenote: Yes, this is plate full of gluten and dairy, which if you read this, you know I try and avoid.  My sensitivities towards these things are not life threatening and I know how my body responds.  It’s a conscious choice and sometimes I’m willing to have a food baby stomach for some delicious waffles.

5. Baby Food

I have written about my phase with baby food before, but now that they come in these convenient packs, they’re even better! Baby food is great for an on the go snack and I keep some of these in my desk at work for emergencies.  They’re also great for road trips so you aren’t left with messy fruits and vegetables while driving.  Seriously, they’re delicious!


I hope you have a great weekend!!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite things?

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