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I don’t know about anyone else, but I had a super lazy weekend and it was GLORIOUS.  There are a couple weddings we have this month, so this weekend was the calm before the storm.


Thursday was my dad’s birthday, so Friday night me, Neil, my sister, and my dad went out to eat at Tuscarora Mill.  This was on my list of restaurants to go to in life since it gets such good reviews, and I have to admit that everything was delicious.  I ordered the rainbow trout with lump crab and assorted veggies.


Of course there needed to be dessert, so we all ordered the cheesecake beignets with raspberry sauce and their “everything chocolate” trio.  It was a sugar overload, but definitely worth it.




Saturday I met Carly at 730 am for a 10K run.  According to the training schedule, we were technically supposed to do a 5K, but ain’t nobody got time for that. GO HARD OR GO HOME.  Her knee has been bothering her (sympathy pains), so we were supposed to run at a slower pace than normal and have a nice easy run.  Whoops.




After I came home and ate breakfast, Neil and I went to the farmer’s market and I was delighted by these fluffy ducklings:

20140804-082257-30177247.jpgThere was also a sampling of roasted corn and tomato salad with a BASIL vinegarette. It had to me mine.


These were prepared using all fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market by Jarrett Manges, a personal chef in the area.  Delicious!

I bought a bag of peaches and then we made our way home for a day of movie watching.  Apparently it was superhero Saturday because we did a double header of Amazing Spiderman 2 (SO glad there’s no more Tobey Maguire) and Captain America: Winter Soldier.


Last weekend was tax free weekend in VA, so we stopped by the mall during the day.  Lunch was from a place called Wicked Waffle where you can get either sweet or savory waffle creations.  I got a gluten free tomato, mozzarella, and arugala waffle with a side of mushroom soup.  I don’t know what was in this soup (besides mushrooms obviously), but it was amazing!



I was able to find a dress for a wedding we are going to this weekend at half price and the only one of it’s kind remaining. It must be fate.


Dinner consisted of pizza for each of us, which I finished 85% of.


I didn’t want the weekend to end this morning, so I skipped my run I had planned and rolled around like a kid in bed.  It was great.  I don’t normally question my morning runs, so since I’ve been trying to listen to my body more, I skipped today and will do tomorrow instead.  I need to get 3 runs in during Monday-Friday, so today just won’t be one of them.

Hope everyone has a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Question of the day: What did you do this weekend? Do you prefer lazy weekends or busy ones?

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  1. I prefer both I like them in intervals – busy followed by lazy and so forth. It’s a good balance between all the hustle and bustle. I NEED to try that restaurant now – totally marked it in my bookmarks 🙂 I LOVE good food it’s my crack!!! That is a BEA-utiful dress 🙂 Rockin’ It! Glad you had a great weekend Erin! This weekend is beach for me and the boys (son and lover) ha:) Take Care -Iva
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