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Five Things Friday #12 (Race Edition)

Happy Friday friends!

Before I get into my favorites of this week, I wanted to share with everyone that I am now officially a FitFluential ambassador! BAM. I am SO pumped about this!  Great news right before the race tomorrow!


Since I am going crazy talking about running and racing this week, I wanted to share my favorite things in those categories.

1. Map My Run

I mentioned before that I have switched from tracking my runs with my Fitbit to Map My Run.  I think Map My Run has more options and will work better for me.  My Fitbit also randomly stopped counting my steps and I have been too lazy to reset it to see if that’s the problem.




2. PRO Compression Socks

As I have written about before, I always run with a pair of my PRO Compression socks, even on my shorter runs.  I find that they help prevent soreness in my shins and calves and if I happen to already be sore from another exercise, these speed up my recovery time.  I only wish that I had 42834728347324 dollars to buy more colors.


3. Brooks Transcend Shoes

Every pair of running shoes that I have gotten have been from Brooks.  They were the shoes that worked best for me the first time I was properly fitted and I haven’t turned back. I have tried on other brands, but Brooks has always been the winner.  This year I got the Transcend model and it feels like running on air.  I love them.  Plus, they were one of the few women’s shoes that weren’t hot pink. Thank God.


4. Shorts with Pockets

It is pretty much mandatory that my shorts need to have some kind of pocket, even if it is a small zip up one in the back like my favorite pair does.  Whenever I am running away from home I just put my key in the pocket and am good to go.  They are also great for stashing some mid run snacks or toilet paper in case you eat Chipotle the night before and the port a potties are 2 miles away. That’s a hypothetical…

5. W & OD Trail

I absolutely love this trail by my house. It is actually Virginia’s skinniest state park and stretches many, many miles across the state.  I love that the scenery is so different depending on where you hop on.  I lucked out in that the part that is closest to me is full of trees and water.


IMG_2966.JPGThe weather forecast tomorrow morning says rain, so let’s hope that it changes overnight.  It is already going to be an absurd race with friends, so if it rains it will just make for a better story.  I am not looking forward to the 60 degree temperatures though.  Wish me luck!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite things this week?

3 comments on “Five Things Friday #12 (Race Edition)

  1. Ah I wear-tested the Brooks Transcends at their launch party at my local running store. They felt SO comfy. I don’t know if I’d run in them long-distance, but I definitely want a pair to just walk around in. Funny you said that they’re weren’t hot pink-when I visited the Brooks headquarters they said they will keep making pink shoes for women because they are by farrrr their top selling color!

    1. Man I hate all the pink shoes! Yeah they are definitely super comfy which means I won’t tear down all my joints 🙂

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