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Labor Day Weekend

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great long weekend 🙂

I am coming to you today from my brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 3! My laptop was nearing the end of its life and Neil told me that since he didn’t officially get me a birthday present, he wanted to get me something that could help me with all this blogging.  We had some debate since I don’t always think these fancy gadgets are necessary, but so far it is much more convenient and I don’t have to lug my computer and backpack around to work everyday.  Sold.

IMG_3741Let me jump into the weekend!


This weekend one of our friends got married, so we also had family come in from out of town. Friday night I went straight from work to our friend’s house where they were having a mehendi (henna) party. We had a great time and I always love me some henna.




We went to a restaurant that we really like in Leesburg with Neil’s cousins for breakfast.  It is more of a cafe really and has a secret garden behind the building that you can access through a side alley.  They have a KIND granola mixture of their granola, nuts, agave, and almond milk.  It was fantastic (and gluten free!)


Saturday was the day of the wedding and by day I also mean night.  We were there from 230 pm-1130 pm.  Indian weddings are really long and at one point we left to find a Starbucks (and a GIANT used book store!).

IMG_3708For a better idea of how an Indian wedding goes, here is the program:

IMG_3746IMG_3711During the reception, we were finally able to show off what we have been spending all our Sundays doing: a surprise dance! Me, Neil, and some other friends of the bride performed a Bollywood dance that chronicled the story of the bride and groom finding each other and falling in love.  There were six short dances that made up the whole thing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the video so I can’t share it with you yet.  It was a huge success!!

We got home around midnight and decided to watch Bridesmaids since Neil hasn’t seen it before.  We went to bed super late and slept in the next day. Awesome.


Sunday we slept in and then made an epic breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and steak.  I am saving a lot of food pictures for tomorrow’s post as I’m sure you are used to.  We lazed around with Neil’s cousins until they left around 3pm, then we got ready for a Labor Day cookout at another friend’s house.  We arrived right before the torrential rain came, but were still able to enjoy grilled burgers and loads of other foods.  We stayed a few hours and then came home for a movie marathon of weird and obscure movies that I was not a huge fan of.


Neil had a business meeting at Tyson’s Corner, so I took myself to lunch and wandered around the mall before he met up with me again.  I went to Le Pain Quotidien because it is one of the few restaurants where I like multiple things on the menu and don’t get the same meal every time.  There are still ones that I haven’t tried yet because Tyson’s is the closest one and I don’t get to it very often.  I had the organic lentil and avocado salad which contained raw vegetables, arugula, frisee, flax seed, and BASIL vinaigrette.  It was amazing and surprisingly filling.


After lunch Neil and I wandered around and I picked up the Surface Pro 3 and some body wash from Bath and Body Works.  I can’t tell you how excited I am that the fall scents are coming back.  They are by far my favorite candles and wall scents and I will BUY THEM ALL.  We spent the rest of the day at home doing stuff around the house and then the day was over!

I set my alarm to run this morning, but I wasn’t feeling it again.  I think when I drink caffeine later in the day I end up feeling exhausted in the morning. Does anyone else have this problem?  I have to run a couple times this week and then knock out 12 miles on Saturday. Next Saturday is the race; I can’t believe it’s so soon!

Question of the day: What did you do for the long weekend? 

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  1. Went to NYC and visited my father who turned 60 – it was pretty awesome indeed. 🙂 It’s too busy a city for me, well we also stayed in Times Square. Next time we’ll stay more in Upper Manhattan – it was too much. That’s funny because Monday we also went to Tyson’s to get my son some clothes, which ended up being one pair of pants and the rest my bf and I. You look lovely in traditional Indian clothes! Those weddings are MAD long indeed – been to enough to know. Have a great one Erin! -Iva
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