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Five Things Friday #18

Hello Friday! Happy Halloween!

The past couple days have been a whirlwind of list making and errand running while I try and make sure that we are ready to move next week. Things are slowly falling into place (we finally have a temporary place booked for our arrival next week) and fingers are crossed that things go smoothly the rest of the way.  I feel some deja vu while typing that sentence, probably because I was saying the same thing last year during our wedding preparations.  I assume it is to be expected with any big life event, and moving halfway across the country definitely falls into that category.

Last night I had dinner with my dad and sister and also forced her dog to love me since it may be the last time I see her before I leave.  I think the pesto on my pizza and the pumpkin cookie sundae made me feel better.



In Friday fashion, here are five of my favorite things from this week:

1. Running in VA in the fall

It is really a beautiful time of the year to run outside and it will be something that I miss in the arctic tundra that is Chicago.  I snapped this picture yesterday during my run and hope I can find similar enjoyment from running in the city.  Good thing there’s lots of parks!


2. Supoon

I wrote a review on the Supoon awhile ago when I received one free with a cookbook order. Supoon stands for “Sit UP scraping spOON” and is great because you can lie it on the counter without it touching. What makes it even better is the amazing way that it gets into a jar of nut butter and scrapes every bit out. You know how annoying it is trying to get a spoon or a knife in there to get every last bit. It is extremely durable and I use it all the time when making almond butter to make sure that I get all of it out of my food processor.  I remembered this week just how invaluable it is!


3. A Dance With Dragons

Another week, another book. I voraciously read through the Game of Thrones books a long time ago, but have been saving this last one in hopes that the next one would be published sometime in my lifetime. This picture is actually from months ago and one of the first pictures I posted on my Instagram. I realized that I didn’t feel like waiting anymore, so I have been working my way through it this week.


4. iPhone 6 Plus

To be fair, it just came in the mail yesterday and I am going to the store after this post, but a new phone is always a favorite thing!


5. Tea Strainer

I bought a tea strainer this week because I wasn’t satisfied with a lot of the teas that we had at home. This way I am able to boil tea in a saucepan and throw in other spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and cardamom.  The store brands with those ingredients never taste good to me and then I am left with a box of tea that I will never drink. If you have the same problem and are looking for new teas, Angela at Oh She Glows just started a new online tea shoppe.  Looks delicious!


I am off now to get ready for the day and knock out some more cleaning before our open house tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite things this week?

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  1. Sleep and warm sweaters – but sleep is always my favorite. 🙂 Hope everything with the move goes smoothly!! Sucks we never got to get together other than that one bloggy meetup but we’ll see what the future holds! Ha take care Erin and have a great one! -iva

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