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Five Things Friday #19

It’s Friday!

Yesterday I did some exploring before meeting up with Neil to scope out some housing prospects.  The weather was overcast and a little misty at times, but I trudged along and made it to my first stop: Whole Foods.  I know you are surprised that it had to do with food. I was actually pretty hungry from my run in the morning, so I made my way there for lunch. I just threw a bunch of greens and chicken and veggies in until it looked like a rainbow.


I was really excited to find two things that I have been searching for for months: Purely Elizabeth oatmeal and Endangered Species filled chocolates.  Purely Elizabeth is my favorite granola ever, so when I saw her come out with oatmeal and cookie mixes, I went on a manic search for them at all the stores near me in VA. I was scouring and tweeting the company like a crazy person, but not even the Whole Foods near me carried them. I didn’t buy any yesterday because I just bought my routine of eggs and mushrooms, but now I know where to find you oatmeal.


I did buy an Endangered Species chocolate though because you can never have enough chocolate.  I saw these filled bars come out some months ago as well, but VA wasn’t up to date with the coolest chocolates yet. I immediately snagged the almond butter one and ate half last night.


After lunch, I wandered to Trader Joe’s and then stopped in a giant TJ Maxx/Marshalls that I walked by. I did some window shopping and realized I need gloves, but I can grab those this weekend. I picked up some Starbucks and headed to the building to meet Neil and our realtor.  We had narrowed it down to two places in the same building, but I wanted to see them  before we moved forward.  We picked which one we liked and put in an offer yesterday!

Assuming all goes well, this will  be right outside our building:



We did some more exploring and then headed back and stayed in the warmth to watch movies.  I felt like I was getting sick last night because my nose and eyes started burning, but my body has triumphed in the night and I feel just fine again!

So in typical Friday fashion, here are five things I am loving this week:

1. Deep Dish Pizza

This is not an “every Sunday” type of pizza and (for me) is rarely to be enjoyed, but it sure was delicious.  My body didn’t love all the cheese, but my mouth sure did.


2. J Crew Sweater

My friend Carly gave me this sweater as a parting gift and I love it because a) it’s green and b) it’s really comfortable.  I haven’t gotten any new sweaters in a long time, so I don’t love a lot of the ones I have.  This one is comfortable and flattering and a great addition to my wardrobe.


3. Chicago Public Library

We stopped by the Harold Washington Library yesterday because I have had my eye on it since before moving here. It is 9 floors of information and I loved it. The only problem is that I can’t get a library card until I have some proof of address here.  For now I guess I will just wander around and hide in the nooks.


4. Endangered Species Filled Chocolate

As I mentioned above, I bought the almond butter filled dark chocolate and ate half the bar. It was good, but I’m also fine with the regular ES types as well.  This is my favorite chocolate and bonus that a portion of the proceeds help support endangered wildlife!


5. Decaf espresso

Some of you may have the same confusion as I did about why anyone would get decaf coffee.  I used to be really perplexed by it until I realized that I like drinking espresso, but don’t like the unpredictable way that my body handles caffeine.  As you know, I routinely eat the same foods and keep my schedule pretty consistent. I would eat breakfast, get a double espresso, then go to work and sip it gingerly throughout the day. Some days the caffeine would have no effect on me, some days it would make my stomach feel like a grumbling, cavernous pit, and some days I would feel like my heart would explode. There was no rhyme or reason to it and I also found that I would randomly end up tired in the afternoon or wake up feeling that way. The times when my stomach would feel empty despite just eating a giant breakfast, I would snack unnecessarily in hopes that the feeling would go away.

All this changed when Neil suggested we start drinking decaf espresso. It had never occurred to me because like I said, decaf was dead to me and my comprehension.  I assumed that I would have to simply give up my beloved espresso, which I was unwilling to do yet.  Once I realized that I could still have the taste without the other side effects, I jumped on the decaf wagon and haven’t looked back.


That is how they spell my name in Chicago. That, or this:

Well I am off to take care of some administrative stuff and then grab lunch with Neil.  Enjoy your Friday and the lovely weekend! If you feel like stopping by, they are filming Batman vs. Superman this weekend right down the street.  BIG CITY LIVING.

Question of the day: Thoughts on decaf? What are some of your favorite things this week?

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