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Five Things Friday #20

It’s Friday! We have come to another edition of Five Things Friday, so let’s recap some of the things I am loving this week.

1. Seasonal Larabar Flavors

I was wandering in Target the other day and came across a Pumpkin Pie Larabar! If I remember correctly, I couldn’t find these in VA where I lived last year, so I quickly bought a box of them.


2. Libraries

Last week I went to the Chicago Public Library and this week, upon further exploration, I discovered that our temporary building has it’s own library! It’s no 9 floor masterpiece, but there’s a fireplace and comfortable chairs.  I was pretty excited when I found it.


3. Protein Bar

I wrote briefly about eating at Protein Bar the other day, and it is still one of the highlights of my week.  I haven’t made it back there yet this week, but I fully intend to.  They also have a great selection of breakfasts that I want to sample.


4. Casemate Glam Case

I got an iPhone 6 Plus a few weeks ago, but still didn’t have a case for it.  I wanted the same case that I had had on my previous iPhone, but I couldn’t find it in the store.  I finally found it online and had it shipped to my nearest Best Buy store.  It is the Casemate Glam case in Champagne.  It has enough sparkles to satisfy me, but they are subtle enough that I don’t blind everyone else.

Although it looks like the sparkles would make it rough, it is actually very smooth. Literally and figuratively.


5. REIs Agile Therm Hoodie


I saw this jacket at REI last week and fell in love with it.  I didn’t want to buy 2348972343 coats, though, no matter how terrified I am of the approaching winter.  Neil actually suggested that I go back and get it once I told him about the running tour that I will be doing tomorrow.  It is warm but lightweight and stretches well which will be great for running, especially if I decide to let it all out like Phoebe.



I will be sure to let you know how it works out tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite things this week? Want to come running with me tomorrow morning?

7 comments on “Five Things Friday #20

  1. That library looks neat 🙂 Best of luck on your run tomorrow and hope you stay warm! 🙂 My favorite thing this week was only working 3 days in the office this week but getting paid the full 5, Lol. Also, having a holiday so no work =- It’s been a good week. 🙂 Have a great one Erin!! -Iva

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