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Last Weekend in Virginia

Hello friends! Today marks the last day full day for me in Virginia. Tomorrow we will head out and drive across the country to Chicago.  I am excited at the prospect, but also sad to leave my family and friends here in Virginia and Maryland.  Thankfully  I was able to see a lot of them before I leave, but it was still an emotional weekend.

I may be a little sporadic until we get settled in our temporary housing. We should get in on Wednesday and then the pace speeds up again and the race is on to close on a new place and get all of our stuff moved and shipped from Virginia.  Bear with me through all this craziness, but I will be popping in as soon as I am able! Before I hop off to pack and sort, here is a recap of the weekend:


I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Neil and I had intended on putting some thought into our costumes, but with everything going on we only had the mental energy to pick up cat ears from the store. Maybe next year!



Saturday we headed to MD to say bye to some friends and Neil’s parents.  Emotional day #1. Later that afternoon another friend from DC came down and we ate dinner at Sweetgreen.  I had one of their seasonal salads that had roasted turkey, brussel sprouts, sweet potato, and cranberry vinaigrette.  Thanksgiving in a bowl!

IMG_0012.JPGThat night I said goodbye to my dad and went through a huge box of pictures from my childhood that I hadn’t seen before.  Check out my Instagram for plenty of #tbt fodder to come.


Sunday I met my mom and sister to go hiking at Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park.  We took my sister’s dogs and made the short hike to the point overlooking the Potomac River. It was a beautiful day for a hike and even though you can’t tell, the overlook is extremely high as I perilously went around the fence for this shot:











After the hike, we went back to my place to eat lunch and so I could unload food on them.  My mom had saved the top of our wedding cake, so in traditional fashion Neil an I had some after our first anniversary.  It froze really well and was just as delicious as when we first had it.  I stopped myself at 3 pieces. Hey, I can’t take it with me, right? Here is the cake in all it’s glory.  Thanks again mom for making such an amazing cake!

IMG_0064.JPGWith emotional day #2 coming to an end, we did some more packing and I made pho with this soup starter that I found.  I was really excited to find this in the store since I have often desired pho at home but don’t have the 6+ hours of patience to make my own broth.  Sadly, this tasted very little like pho and I was really disappointed since this brand is one of my favorites for soup.

IMG_0062.JPGGenerous amount of Sriracha still did not improve this pho.

IMG_0063.JPGWe closed out the night with some more packing and some more tears on my part and now I’m off to make one final almond butter and wrap up all this packing.  I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Question of the day:  What’s your favorite season to hike?

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  1. I can’t believe you guys are moving!!! Safe travels and can’t wait to hear how the new digs are. 🙂 Text me if you’re bored while Neil is driving. I’m gearing up to make almond butter soon, so I’m going to need your help!!

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