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Thursday Adventures

Hello! I am coming to you a little late today because I have been running around town and just got back.

I started off this morning with a trip to the bank with Neil.  We are working on all the fun paperwork and things associated with getting a new place.  It was a quick trip, but when we were done we realized we were hungry so we headed over to LYFE Kitchen, a place that has been on our list to try.

LYFE stands for “Love Your Food Everyday,” and love it I did.  I am excited to try out their lunch and dinner selections, but all of their breakfasts looked great.  They have separate menus for gluten free and vegan customers which is great for those people with dietary restrictions.  Since my only issue is dairy at this point, I just made sure to get something dairy free.  I knew I liked this place as soon as saw the herb garden.


I chose the Banana Budino which was coconut milk, chia seeds, bananas, and a nutmeg crunch.  It was delicious.  It was a little on the sweet side so I don’t think I would have it regularly, but it was a nice treat for today. I am interested in how their egg dishes fare because that is usually my go to breakfast.


On our walk back, we happened by yet another donut place and saw them putting fresh donuts out.  We had to stop in.  Welcome to Firecakes Donuts.


I have been having FAR too many donuts lately, but I know that once I get to sampling all these fancy kinds I will pretty much be over it.  That’s how I roll.  Neil got a chocolate covered donut (my fav), but I felt obligated to sample a specialty donut.  I ordered the pumpkin pie, but once I started to eat it I remembered that I don’t like pumpkin pie.  I think I saw the pumpkin and got excited. #basic

They had a lot of other flavors that looked delicious, but half of Neil’s chocolate covered donut was good for me 🙂

We headed back to our place and then I headed out to meet up with another blogger that I have been in contact with.  We agreed to meet up at Starbucks and we chatted for a little over an hour about life, Chicago, and all things fitness.  I am really glad to have made a contact in the city who is passionate about the same things that I am.  Make sure to check out Amanda’s blog— she’s awesome!


I met up with Neil after I left and we grabbed a late lunch at 25 Degrees, a local hamburger place.  At first we were the only ones there, but by the end a few other people had showed up.  I liked the comfy booths that they had, but more than that I liked their decadent hamburgers.  I don’t eat burgers that often, but I don’t mind them time to time.  I got a Number Two, which had roasted tomato, burrata cheese (ignore my avoiding cheese comment from breakfast), crispy prosciutto, and pesto.  Anything that has pesto on it screams my name.


The lighting is not the best, but this is by far one of the best burgers that I have had in awhile.

IMG_0389.JPGNow I am incredibly full and plan to let this all digest while Neil and I catch up on some shows.  I hope you all have a great Thursday!

Question of the day: What did you do today? Do you also love pesto (you should)?

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  1. Erin –

    You are just giving me more and more reasons to come to the city in the next week or two to eat and SHOP!

    Hope you guys are settling in well to living in the city!

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