Workouts, Rain, and A New Coat!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone who has served our country! I come from a military family and so I know the importance of this holiday and of recognizing service.  Keep up the great work!

I woke up this morning and hit the gym.  Since I’ve been running a lot recently, I wanted to get back to strength training and what better body part to start with than my legs.  We all know how much I love LEG DAY. The view was not as good today when working out because it has been rainy and foggy this morning:


I started out with a quick one mile run, followed by the leg press, abductors/adductors, squats on the bosu ball, and lunges all the way back to the elevator:




That’s a lot of lunges.

Yesterday I explored more of the city and made my way to The North Face store to pick up my new coat for this winter.  I had done a good amount of research and settled on the women’s arctic down parka.



Here is a less lighted picture of me bundled up:


Unfortunately, yesterday was not the best day for winter coat shopping because it was around 60 degrees outside.  I got to wear my flip flops, though, which brought me great joy.  The walk to the store plus the heating inside the store made it almost unbearable to wear this coat for more than 5 minutes, so I am taking that as a good sign.

I am off to explore more of the city now that the rain seems to have died down.  Enjoy your Veteran’s Day!

Question of the day: Do you live in places with a cold winter? What kind of coat do you have?

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