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Closing Day!


I am coming to you a little later than normal because I spent a good portion of the morning downtown at the closing of our condo! It took longer than expected due to all kinds of magical money wiring through space (or lack thereof), but we just got word that everything is complete and we now own our little condo here in the big city of Chicago!

While we were waiting for all the issues to be resolved, we preemptively celebrated with lunch at Randolph Tavern where I ate a giant plate of BBQ chicken and then a lunchcap (that’s not a thing) of espresso at Intelligentsia.  Since this coffee is the apparently the snobbiest of all, we broke our decaf streak and split a single espresso.  We even got a little spoon and sparkling water.  I made a quick stop at (temporary) home and now am going to hop, skip, and jump this caffeine over to our new place to pick up keys and other nonsense.



Sorry for the short post today, but I must run around like a crazy person for a little longer.  Our movers are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon so we will spend a majority of time there dealing with that.  Oh how I have missed our bed and I can’t wait to be reunited with my kitchen.  Everyone have a great day and I’ll see you soon!

Question of the day: Have you ever had closing issues? Do you want to come help me move tomorrow?

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