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Five Things Friday #22

Welcome to the last day in our swanky corporate housing.  It is not at all swanky, let me assure you.  While it has been great to just park ourselves in a place already furnished with furniture and kitchen doo dads, it’s not home. I am writing this post as we pack up our things here and make the big move a block and a half away.  We took one car load of things over last night so we just have a minimal amount today. The movers are coming from 1-5 and then my precious internet will be installed after that so I can communicate with you fine folks.

In an effort to get the ball rolling on today, let me commence to proceed with my five favorite things this week:

1. Studying

Who says that? I do. I love love love learning and studying and all things cerebral. When I got my NASM textbook in the mail I hugged it a little and broke out the highlighter that is for some reason a permanent fixture in my purse.


2. Protein Bar

Ok, so this was in a previous Five Things Friday, but I just had to include it again because it has taken up a large part of my week. My issue with eating out is that I have no idea how my food is prepared back in the depths of the kitchen and something that seems like it would be healthy could be made unhealthy by the way they make it.  I like to make foods at home so that I know what goes in them, but I haven’t done that as much while here.  What I love about Protein Bar is that the ingredients are simple, delicious, and good for you without being overly pricey like, say, Lyfe Kitchen.

Here is me and my wrap sharing a tender moment.


IMG_0623.JPG3. the Skimm

I know this has been floating around on the internet for a little while now, but it is definitely one of my morning favorites.  For those of you who like to be informed about important news in the world but either a) can’t make it through the monotonous tone of some writing or b) are pressed for time, this is the news for you.  Every morning (Mon-Fri) I receive an email with what’s current right now and read it in bed before I get up.  I have been reading it for a few weeks now and really like the way it is written. Bonus: if you are late to a news story, they fill you in on the background and/or why this is an important issue.  To sign up, just click here.



4. New Digs

Although we aren’t officially in yet, our new place is definitely making my list this week. I am a little apprehensive to see how our things from a 3 bedroom condo will fit into a 1, but fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan today.  Also, this kitchen is bangin.

IMG_0262.JPG5. Intelligentsia Coffee

As I mentioned yesterday, it was the first time I have had Intelligentsia coffee while here in the city.  I drink espresso on a regular basis, but have recently switched to decaf because my body freaks out at unexpected times when I don’t. Caffeine also makes my stomach feel like an empty, cavernous pit and I end up snacking more than I normally would to try and make that feeling go away.  ANYWAY, this espresso was bangin.  Next time I will get it decaf although they will probably look their vest and tie noses down at me, but at least I will go back.  Starbucks is usually hit or miss with whether it will taste delicious or like a burnt ashtray, but I’m pretty sure that Intelligentsia is always on point.


Now I am off to frolic in the world and do all sorts of moving things. Have a great Friday, weekend, hour, second, whatever!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite things this week? 

9 comments on “Five Things Friday #22

  1. Congrats on your new toy, er… book. 😉 Enjoy studying! I love it when the nerd in us comes out.

    I just signed up for skimm – thanks!! I def need that – the Today Show really isn’t cutting it.

    Have you signed up for unrollme?

    Good luck today!!!

  2. Intelligentsia is so good. It was one of the things I sought out in Chicago after the marathon (and after not drinking coffee all week my latte tasted extra amazing!)

    1. I DID get the backpack. Im so fancy now. You can roll around in it along with the entire shelf that ripped out of the wall. Eek. Also theres no cable or internet wiring somehow so all there will be to do is roll around…

    1. You must! It’s great.

      Thanks about the kitchen…now I have gotten used to it and I need to take some time to remember how much I like it!

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