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Home Improvements

I spent most of this weekend at home with a box of tissues and a contractor.  I am happy to say that I seem to be back to normal health and our home is as well, plus some improvements!


Our contractor showed up around 10 am and got right to work.  We had a pretty long list of things that we wanted to get done, but decided to split a couple things off for a Phase II project in a few months.  Friday’s construction feats included:

  • remounting our bedroom closet shelves so they were secure
  • remounting hallway closet shelves in one side of the closet
  • installing wire shelving in the other side of the closet
  • mounting lighting above the dining room table and in the bedroom






Lighting above the dining room. The arms are adjustable in case we want the light aimed in different directions.  They installed the same one on our bedroom wall.


We all took a break for Chipotle and I also dropped my car off for an oil change and two new tires.  When I asked the owner if I would die in the snow this year, he said not because of my tires but that he couldn’t control what else happened.

Friday dinner was leftover chicken, greens, and delicious sweet potatoes.



Our house wizards showed up around 830 am and started working on the remainder of our list.  Being finicky as we are, we changed our mind about where we wanted our my books to go on Friday night.  Our contractor was amazing because he made a trip to IKEA after leaving that night to scope out solutions and also return some extra things we had bought and didn’t need.  He returned on Saturday with some majestic bookshelves that he modified to make gigantic.  Day two list:

  • build and mount bookshelves for my excessive books
  • install under cabinet lights in the kitchen
  • regrout some areas of the kitchen
  • fix minor issues caused by shoddy remodeling work before we moved in
  • put a cabinet door on our IKEA desk that we were too dumb to align in a straight line

IMG_0733.JPGCheck out that sweet iPhone 3GS that we found while unpacking.


These lights made our already fancy backsplash light up like a rainbow.


There is a pizza place in the lobby of our building that we had been meaning to try, so we bought some for everyone.  I was not a huge fan of either the pizza or the giant calzone I got.  Bummer.


Everything was finished up around 5 pm on Saturday and we couldn’t be happier.  There are a couple things that we want to do like mount our TV and have a bench built out from the wall in the bedroom, but we are saving that for Phase II.  Overall we had such a great experience and we will definitely be calling our contractor again!


Sunday was football day and I also had to head to the Red Cross to get my CPR/AED certification.  I had already done the online portion and the actual physical part of the class ended up being a little over an hour.  You now have permission to become unconscious in front of me.


On my way back I stopped at Cosi because I have been thinking about the steak TBM melts that I used to get there: steak, mozzarella, and basil.  I don’t eat steak that often, especially in a sandwich, but this was the perfect combination.  It must have been a long while, because it is no longer on their menu.  I ordered a chicken TBM melt instead, but it was not the same.  Next time I will order a plain one and ask them to put steak on it.  If they do not oblige I will be forced to take drastic measures.


I got home and relaxed some more to make sure that this cold did not rear it’s head again.  I made a quick dinner of pasta, chicken, and broccoli and all was well with the world.


I am itching to get back to the gym since I think my adventures last week only perpetuated my being sick.  I took the rest I needed and now I am back with a vengeance.  I am headed to an 1130 am class at Atlas and then back to take care of all the admin that makes up my life right now. Oh, and studying.  I should probably get on that.


  • What did you do this weekend?
  • What has been your home improvement strategy?
  • What is something that you collect?

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  1. The owners response was epic lmfao My home strategy is: one at a time. Your home looks very nice and tidy! Glad you were able to get the modifications you wanted done, esp in time for holidays 🙂 The backsplash is super nice 🙂 Enjoy your new home and the kitchen!! All that food made me hungry – thanks 😛 Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and Neil! Take Care and be safe Erin! -Iva
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