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Moving Weekend + Mishaps

Hello and happy Monday!

This weekend was moving weekend and a blur of boxes and packing paper.  I am really liking our new place here in the city, but I am not a fan of unpacking.  Thanks to Neil’s nonstop motion we have all of our boxes unpacked minus my 6 boxes of books that we need a home for.  While I cursed him for pushing me to keep working (I would have preferred to take leisurely siestas), I am glad that we worked so efficiently to get everything done.

Friday onwards was a blur to me, so who knows what days these pictures were taken:

I was reunited with my long lost wreath that I thought for sure would be forgotten when the packers came.  I went on a serious wreath finding mission last year and it took me multiple attempts to find one I liked (liked = covered in gold and glitter).

IMG_0673.JPGMishap One:

Our movers came on Friday and had everything into our place by 330 pm (not a mishap).  Our cable/internet man even came early only to tell us that there was no wiring to the jack on the wall.  He wasn’t able to do anything and I have calls out for someone to remedy this situation as soon as possible.  It was probably for the best because then we were able to get everything unpacked without distractions. #firstworldproblems

Mishap Two:

The shelves in our bedroom closet are questionably sturdy, so we hung a majority of our clothes in the hall closets which appeared to be more reliable.  Wrong.




So these are off the wall and a lot of our clothes are in a neat pile behind the couch.  All in all it wasn’t a terrible issue, just annoying and a buzzkill to the excitement of moving into our home.

Saturday we grabbed breakfast and then drove about 45 min west to go to IKEA.  I have a love hate relationship with IKEA. I love all the inspiration, but absolutely hate purchasing furniture, loading it into the car, and unloading it at home.



I want this:

IMG_0652.JPGWe bought some track lighting that we are holding for when we can get a contractor in to hook it up, 2 desks, a kitchen shelving unit, and a shower curtain.  There’s still stuff scattered around, so once the desks are more functional I will introduce you to our office space.

Saturday night I was in no mood to build desks, so I worked on unpacking the kitchen.  I wasn’t able to finish until Sunday, but most everything is in its rightful place.  I had about 3 full boxes of food, so finding space for that was a good practice in Tetris.


I have a lot of candles.


Maybe it wouldn’t take so long if I didn’t have to battle my OCD organizational needs.

IMG_0658.JPGOur metal shelves from IKEA put to use and some desk photobombing.

IMG_0676.JPGWe grabbed a few things from Bed Bath & Beyond and I found this unfortunately named cookbook.


Sunday we built desks all day and grabbed dinner at Doc B’s where I satisfied my meat craving with a filet mignon sandwich.

IMG_0667.JPGWe walked around a bit after dinner to digest and check out Dylan’s Candy Bar.


Now it is Monday and there are many calls to be made! I have had a cough since Friday which I attributed to breathing in an entire wall’s worth of drywall but I still have it and feel a little run down today so I am going to drink copious smoothies and heal myself so I don’t get sick.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  • What did you do this weekend?
  • How do you feel about IKEA?
  • What do you want to see/hear about in my new digs?
  • What workouts did you do this weekend? Does moving count?

10 comments on “Moving Weekend + Mishaps

  1. I hope that your cough gets better! Can you please come and organize my life? And please bring that wreath?
    My husband Alex refused to go to Ikea. Apparently the girlfriend before me forced him to build one too many pieces of Ikea furniture (that didn’t come with sufficient instructions or the right parts) and he is just over it. That said, we did build the majority of the furniture in our apartment. It was intense.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Virginia Christmas and Runner Gifts #MIMMMy Profile

    1. I think I am coming back from the brinks of death. Ha, it wasn’t to that extent at all but I liked writing that. I think the less I have to go to IKEA, the better. I just want someone to come and make my rooms look like theirs.

  2. My husband and I moved (across town) this past summer, and we moved in on a Friday and he powered through unpacking all weekend. It was both impressive and much appreciated! We do love IKEA, but going there can be a bit over-stimulating sometimes.
    Maggie recently posted…Five Things FridayMy Profile

    1. I know I feel the same way! I would have much rather spread out the unpacking but now that it’s all done I guess Im glad we did all the work!

  3. Oh my gosh that falling shelf!! That’s terrible but from an outsider’s perspective kinda funny–sorry 😉 haha. Why are there ALWAYS mishaps with cable companies?! It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! And my candle-loving self just went crazy for your collection 🙂
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…I am woman: FEED MEMy Profile

    1. Thankfully the cable and internet got fixed yesterday and we have a contractor coming on Friday to do some work on the shelves. Good times. It definitely is something to laugh about, but at the time it was just crazy!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Ikea – No hate here, the bf and employees can load furniture if it’s that bulky. Lol. We usually buy small things though so all is good. I bought some decor for Christmas there two weeks ago, made me so happy 🙂 Where did you get that wreath from it’s so beautiful? Glad you guys are getting settled in! Have a great one Erin! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: The Sentinelese & The Most Dangerous Place in the WorldMy Profile

    1. Oh yeah I had never thought to ask the employees to load it! That’s a great idea. I think I found the wreath at Home Goods last year after searching everywhere like a crazy person. Hope all is well!

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