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Five Things Friday #26

It’s Friday!

Even though I am not officially working (read: earning an income), I love that this week has given me back some of the routine and structure that I have been lacking.  I am someone who thrives under the umbrella of deadlines, routines, firm dates, etc., and not having that made me feel a little scattered.  I feel like I have been more productive this week and have even started on a new project that will bring in some actual money. SCORE.

On top of me loving my new schedule, here are some other things I am loving this week:

1. Honey Noosa Yoghurt

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was introduced to this yogurt by my friend Tayler when I was back in VA.  At my previous job, my manager had told me about the blueberry one but I never tried it.  Tayler happened to have some at her house, and once I ate it I had to have it.  Thankfully Neil doesn’t like it because he thinks it is too tart, but it tastes very similar to one of the layers of a cheesecake that I make and so I dream about eating cheesecake while enjoying this wonderful yogurt.


2. Putting a Paper Towel in a Bag of Greens

Also introduced to me by Tayler was the idea of putting a dry paper towel in my bags of greens to absorb extra moisture and keep them fresher longer.  This is a great solution for me since I buy greens in bulk. I usually buy 6 bags and freeze half of them, but the 3 I keep in the fridge can start to get a little swampy by the time I get to the last bag.  I tried this and so far the bag I have is much drier than normal.



3. Costco Finds

Two of my impulse purchases at Costco yesterday were brown rice and quinoa rice packs and dark chocolate covered super fruits. The quinoa/brown rice blend is garlic flavored and comes in a 90 sec microwaveable pouch.  There are 6 and each pouch has 2 servings. They are great for a quick dinner side or base.

The dark chocolate super fruits are just delicious and I was running out of chocolate options in the house. I’ve had them before and can’t get enough of the chocolate covered cherries. I’ll just delude myself by reading the words SUPER FRUITS over and over again.  Maybe they will make me big and strong.



4. IDEA Inspired Blogger

I got an email yesterday informing me that I had been selected as an IDEA Inspired Blogger. Organized by IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world’s largest association for fitness and wellness professionals, the IDEA Inspired Blogger program is designed to recognize bloggers who inspire and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle.  Check out all the other awesome bloggers here!


5. Old Running Shoes

Usually when I replace my old running shoes, they sit in my closet.  I realized that I could use my old shoes for taking classes or just going to the gym here in the building.  I was wearing my current running shoes to go to work which meant that I was traipsing all around the city in wet, snowy conditions and putting unnecessary mileage and stress on them.  I decided that I will wear those shoes for running and any older ones for everything else.


I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you on Monday.  Also, cheer for the Packers because they are the best.

Linking up with Katie for Friday Favorites!


  • Do you have any food hacks to share?
  • What do you do with old running shoes?
  • Who do you want to go to the Superbowl?

11 comments on “Five Things Friday #26

    1. If you try other flavors let me know which ones to get! I have read that the coconut one is also really good, but unfortunately I despise coconut.

  1. My mom always put a paper towel in with her greens. My other food hack is saving scraps from veggies in a bag in the freezer, then making vegetable broth, and using that broth in recipes that call for broth or water.

    I usually wear old running shoes to the gym. And then once I have too many pairs for the gym, I donate them. A lot of running stores collect them for various charitable causes. Right now I have two pairs of “gym” shoes in my desk at work, two pairs at home, and three current pairs of running shoes. And quite a few pairs that need to be donated (although I’m not sure where they are … )
    Maggie recently posted…2015 Oscar Nomintions … Hmm, something’s missingMy Profile

    1. Another great tip! Thanks!

      Yeah, I dont know why I didnt think to continue using my old shoes! Weird. Thats handy to be able to have different shoes at different places so that you dont have to worry about carting them around 🙂

  2. HA I think I was talking to someone about that very thing earlier this week! The paper towel in the salad bag bit. Been doing that for years. And it def works. Marianos has tons of noosa–go to the one at LSE!
    I have several old pair of running shoes–I donate them to various organizations, and to Kind Runner–you get $10 back when you send them a pair after buying a pair. And Soles for Souls is great too
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…My Recipe, Reduxed: Sweet Potato NachosMy Profile

    1. Nice…I will have to look into donating some. So far all I care about it this honey flavor and they have it literally next door to my building in the Walgreens. Next time I head to Mariano’s though I will check it out!

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