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Happy Monday!

Hello and happy Monday! Happy MLK day and if you are not working today I hope you are a) relaxing b) rocking out or c) a little of both.

This morning’s classes at Sweat were a little lighter than normal due to people having the day off, but a decent number still showed up to work out at 6 am which is pretty impressive! I was able to lead the warm up today and then took the class at 8:30 and left tomato-faced and dripping.  I hate having to put my winter coat on after finishing a workout. Does anyone have any tips on that or am I doomed to slide into my coat after class?

This weekend was very uneventful (minus the Packers losing) which I love. It warmed up into the high 30s, so Neil and I took the time to go on one of our long walks around the city.  One of our first sights to see was this dog who apparently is trained to sit patiently outside while his owner got his donut on.  He wasn’t tied up to anything and didn’t break his gaze when we tried to talk to him. I think he’d do well in Britain.


We walked north and eventually stopped for lunch at the Bountiful Eatery.  Although it’s no longer a requirement of mine, they are a gluten-free restaurant and everything looked amazing! I settled on the warm pesto bowl: spinach, tomatoes, onions, garlic, zucchini, yellow squash, chickpeas, and fresh pesto.  I added chicken to mine as well and I think that really made the dish.  I was put off by the color of the pesto and the fact that it didn’t really taste like pesto.  It was a decent meal, but Neil’s bison burger and whipped sweet potatoes looked more tempting.




Neil and I split up for about an hour and I wandered into all sorts of random stores:

IMG_1104.JPGI LOVE BOOKSTORES.  In case you were unaware, here is me molesting a bookstore in VA:


And another one when Neil and I snuck away from a wedding:


But ok, here is Saturday’s bookstore:


IMG_1108.JPGThis book is amazing. If you don’t have it, go buy it.

IMG_1111.JPGThis section of classics satisfied me in so many ways. I feel whole now.


IMG_1109.JPGAfter we met up again, we walked to Jeni’s Ice Cream so we could sample some other flavors. This ice cream is amazing and it had better be for $13 a pint.  I needed lots of samples.

IMG_1115.JPGWe settled on pistachio & honey, dark chocolate, and toasted brioche with butter & apricot jam.  Neil has a very limited sweet tooth, so I knew I had to pick flavors that I would eat because I would be left eating 90% of this cup. I have no problem with that. There were so many good flavors, but I will have to have them at another time.


IMG_1120.JPGOn a whim, we decided to have deep dish for dinner, so we opted for Lou Malnati’s since I had only had Giordano’s.  I have to say that Giordano’s is still the winner in my book!



Sunday I did a 5 mile treadmill workout that I will share with you guys tomorrow. I had never noticed the view from the building gym until yesterday. Not too shabby.


I was torn between watching the Kardashians or the Travel channel, so I picked a treadmill in the middle. Divide and conquer.  I preemptively taped my knee yesterday because it has been feeling off and I don’t want any injuries before the races I am planning this year.


We settled in to watch the Packers game and I am not even going to discuss it. Next.


The rest of Sunday was errands around the house and working on some blog related things.  So far the week is headed in the right direction and fingers crossed that the weather stays manageable!


  • What’s your favorite kind of pizza?
  • What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • What did you do this weekend?

11 comments on “Happy Monday!

  1. Lou’s is my go-to when I don’t want TOO big of a food baby. Giordano’s is literally a sea of cheese. I love it so much but haven’t had it in too long! And Jeni’s? Don’t even get me started. Their ice cream is so good — I call it frozen cream, not ice cream, because it literally tastes so creamy and pure I LOVE it. I have to try this pistachio flavor … and like you, I always ask for about a dozen samples before choosing 😉 you just have to to make an informed decision!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Sick Days, Dad Dates, and FarmhouseMy Profile

    1. I have no problem with a sea of cheese. I say the more cheese the better, although I will definitely be feeling it later. I dont think I had ever had pistachio ice cream, but this was definitely the place to have it for the first time! I am sad I missed the boat on the eggnog, but now there is more to look forward to in the future. Maybe I will scout out the store for it!

  2. I hate putting on my winter coat when I’m all sweaty as well. I usually wear a long-sleeve tech shirt over my workout clothes to absorb some of the sweat, and then I always spray the inside of my coat with Febreeze when I get home. Now that it’s not quite as cold, I’ll layer tech shirts and tech jackets and skipping the winter coat when I can. Usually going home, I need one fewer layer. And it’s easier to throw any of those layers in the wash.

    I love Jeni’s! I loved the Cloverton flavor – it was made with cheese, so it was kind of similar to cheesecake, but so much better. I think it was limited though.
    Maggie recently posted…Currently: January 2015My Profile

    1. Nice tips! I cant believe I am saying this, but Im annoyed that it has gotten warmer bc I need a coat, but it is always too hot inside of buildings. My body is confused!

      Oh man I need to get me some of that flavor. Maybe they will bring it around again at some point.

    1. I love used bookstores and I actually live right across the street from one. I need to maintain my distance though or I will go crazy!!

  3. What an eventful weekend! My weekends are sort of boring, but to be honest I am waiting for a spouse visa to move in with my husband in Scotland. Hopefully things will pick up then …and soon! My two ice cream faves these days are pistachio and sea salted caramel (that one is so addicting it should be outlawed!) Pizza is an entirely different story, I don’t know if I can even choose a favorite crust, topping, or anything!

    Also, totally jealous of that gym view. I love Chicago! 🙂
    Erin recently posted…Top Five All Time Best Health and Fitness DecisionsMy Profile

    1. That sounds amazing! I want to visit Scotland and Ireland in life so youll have to let us know how it is! When are you expecting to go?

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