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Five Things Friday #31

I think this week’s Five Things Friday is going to end up entirely CA related since it appears that my ability to recollect the first half of this week has gone out the window. Maybe it’s the drastic weather change or the fact that I can actually see the sun again, but the entirety of this post seems to be pulled from the last 2 days.

1. Orchard Skittles

I can’t say that these are my FAVORITE Skittles, but I have been looking for them for awhile now and Neil finally tracked them down yesterday.  The two new flavors, red apple and peach, leave more to be desired, but when you pair them up with other ones it’s a fun new taste experience.  We all know that’s how Skittles are eaten anyway.



2. Puzzles

I have always loved puzzles, but I seem to forget this fact until I see one.  To be fair, about 75% of this puzzle was already completed when we got there, but it was finished last night.  Most of the family put in a good effort, but it was down to Neil’s brother and I to finish the job. Must finish puzzle.


3. Honey Almond Milk Latte

There is a nearby coffee shop called Lo/Cal that has almond milk lattes. I wrote about it last October in my post about 5 foods I can’t find on the East coast.  At that time I mentioned the almond water that they offered there (and were sold out of this time), but today it’s because I tried one of their honey almond milk lattes and it was divine!

Sometimes when I get almond milk in a latte it tastes a little like cardboard to me, so the addition of the honey made it so much better.  It tasted a little like a graham cracker which normally I am not a huge fan of, but this really hit the spot yesterday.


4. California Weather

I almost forgot what the warmth felt like after being in Chicago since November.  While on the East coast I was able to get by with wearing flip flops all year round, but those dreams were quickly dashed when we settled in our new place.  I love being able to wear them again and actually make use of my sunglasses.

Yesterday I walked about 5 miles, visited the beach, laid down on some grass, fell asleep, burnt like a lobster, then got a freshly squeezed juice and walked some more.  It was glorious.

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5. Maple Pecan Clusters from Trader Joe’s

I love maple and I love pecans, so this cereal had to be eaten. It was decent, but I think I prefer Honey Bunches of Oats. Good thing they had both!


I am off to finish getting ready and then there are more big plans for today and the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to my first pilates class with actual reformers and other torture devices so I am really looking forward to that.  Have a great weekend!


  • What’s your favorite cereal?
  • What is one thing you are loving this week?
  • What’s your favorite candy?
  • Any pilates tips?

15 comments on “Five Things Friday #31

    1. No, I think VA may have gotten more snow than us here! We had about a foot around Superbowl time, but that has been it. There are random snow flurries throughout the day, but I think it has actually been too cold for snow. It is warming up next week though and all I can see on my phone are snow icons. Awesome.

    1. They were really good but also like $5 a pop which I am not used to spending on coffee daily. Oh well, it’s vacation right?

  1. Jealous of your Cali life last week. Will you be back for Tabata Tuesday tomorrow?

    That honey almond milk latte looks awesome! I like almond milk in coffee ONLY when someone else makes it for me. Throwing it in my own coffee in the morning always turns out gross for some reason.

    Favorite cereal? I currently love Product19 haha I know it’s an old people’s cereal but that + honey is so delicious!
    Favorite candy? M&Ms hands down!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Saturday night bakery runs = always a good ideaMy Profile

    1. I will be back tomorrow! My flight gets in after 12 then I get up at 5 so let’s see how alive I am in the morning…

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