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Zelda, Kitchfix, and First Chicago Snow

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start this week off on a good foot. I know I am definitely trying to and will spend some time after this post making some to-do lists so that my days don’t become an unmanageable mess!

This weekend was lazy yet again but this time it was mostly due to the addition of a Wii U and the fact that it snowed all day long yesterday. Neil and I were out of town a few weeks ago when it first snowed here, so this is technically the first substantial amount of snow that we have experienced in Chicago. I am definitely impressed with the speed at which the streets are cleared, but the sidewalks are another story. Maybe it’s because my boots aren’t waterproof (note to self: don’t procrastinate on ordering boots!), but the walk to the gym this morning was not quite as pleasant as I had hoped for. I am sure that they will be cleared up shortly though since there were many people diligently working at clearing the snow.  That’s what I get for starting my day so early!

So let’s backtrack. Friday night we got our Wii U in the mail, spent a significant amount of time updating the system (we bought a refurbished one), then popped in Mario Kart for an epic battle.  Long story short none of the games worked, we took it back to Game Stop which was 30 min away, brought it home, went through the same actions, and none of the games worked a second time.  This was my joy before we realized that nothing worked:


We got three games: Windwaker HD, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Kart 8.  I love Zelda. #nerdalert

Since we headed west to exchange the system, we decided to grab dinner somewhere new. We ended up at Green Street Smoked Meats and it was heavenly. I had a pulled pork sandwich and inhaled it.



IMG_1260.JPGAs we left the restaurant, we came across the Doughnut Vault Van and had to stop for one since it is always moving and it felt like if we didn’t get one now we would never see it again.  My stomach was actually still feeling a little off from earlier in the week, so I wasn’t in the mood for one.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Neil got a pistachio one and I had a bite.  Good choice.


Saturday I walked back to Game Stop again because we were still having issues. Since I know you are all concerned, it ended up being the games that were defective and not the system.  Everything is now working fine.  I stopped at Mariano’s and grabbed an Apple-Ginger Zing smoothie (apple, green grapes, cucumber, ginger, pineapple, strawberries, lemon, coconut water, and cinnamon) to refresh me and fuel my walk back.

IMG_1262.JPGThe rest of Saturday was comprised of a lot of video game playing until I decided to take a break and make these 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies that Chelsea posted the other day. They were definitely delicious, but I think next time I will cut the sugar back because I could taste it way too much.  They are SUPER fast to make and I am definitely glad I did.


After cookies, we met up with my Uncle Bill for dinner.  We headed to Cafe Iberico which allows you to do dinner either tapas style or there are entrees that you can order as well. We ordered a couple of the tapas and also got entrees and were extremely full.  My favorite was the marinated mushrooms and I ate 3/4 of the bowl.

IMG_1263.JPGMeat tray.

IMG_1264.JPGGrilled octopus and potatoes.

IMG_1265.JPGMy entree was salmon with grilled asparagus and potatoes. Apparently that means you get two pieces of asparagus which didn’t taste very good, so I didn’t even end up eating them.

IMG_1266.JPGNeil and my uncle got paella which received a thumbs up from one and a thumbs down from another, so make your call.

IMG_1267.JPGSunday we stayed inside most of the day except to venture out and get Starbucks.


Thankfully we had a lot of leftovers in the fridge as well as a new Blue Apron delivery and a Kitchfix meal that the company was gracious enough to let me try for free and tell you guys about!

Kitchfix is a Chicago based company that delivers ready to eat meals to your home or one of their many hubs around the city (note: deliveries to hubs are $3 while deliveries to your home carry a $10 delivery charge).  From their site, the meals are chef created with “nutrient dense, locally sourced, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free superfoods.”

I chose the Paleo Sloppy Joe’s and had them sent to Sweat since that is one of their hubs and I could conveniently pick it up when I went to work.  There are three different reheating options and you will know which one your meal requires by checking the icon on the back of the label.  Mine needed to be reheated in the oven, so I just popped the container in (minus the lid) for 10 min and was good to go!

IMG_1275.JPGI even received a handwritten note hidden under my label! It made my day because it was personalized and means that someone actually read my blog.  Thanks Eva!

IMG_1276.JPGIt may not be the most appetizing picture, but they were good. All the ingredients are also on the main label so that you can see what you are eating.

IMG_1277.JPGI was also given these Paleo Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies and I have to admit that I actually ate them first. I don’t usually like nuts in my cookies, but I couldn’t really taste them in these. Two thumbs up!

IMG_1251.JPGKitchfix delivers on a weekly basis and their menu changes on every Monday at 10 am.  You can order a mixture of meals, snacks, and juices with no minimum required (but orders over $150 get free shipping).  The meals come in two sizes, large ($15) and medium ($12).  My meal was a large and was a good size for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed this service. The prices are a little high for me to spend on a consistent basis, but it’s definitely a good idea.  Another con is that I would have to order a week in advance and I am not always sure what I will feel like eating that far ahead.  It is sometimes easier to just stop in somewhere and grab lunch or dinner, but if you are concerned about high quality ingredients and/or have specific dietary guidelines, then Kitchfix makes all of that a no brainer for you.  I am really glad that I got to try them out and will definitely keep Kitchfix in mind for the future if I have time to plan ahead!

We watched the Superbowl and I cried at approximately 8 commercials. We made Blue Apron’s buffalo chicken dinner since it seemed like a football kind of meal, then watched the game which actually kept my attention because it was so crazy. We ate peanut butter cookies and went to bed. The End.


Thank you for reading such a long post for what seemed like a very relaxing weekend.  Enjoy your Monday!


  • Have you ever tried a meal delivery service? Opinions?
  • Do you play video games? What’s your favorite?
  • Did you get snow this weekend?

7 comments on “Zelda, Kitchfix, and First Chicago Snow

  1. Cafe Iberico is one of those places that everyone talks about and raves about, but Alex and I went there when we were visiting Chicago and it was meh to nah. I got the paella marea and it was bland and not worth the money. Glad that I”m not the only one that is meh on it! We need to cafe ba ba reeba–that is delicious! But I’m still on the hunt for good paella in Chicago.
    Kitchfix is great–I met them at the FEAD conference, and they are just so nice. Love the handwritten note!
    Also, I’m thinking that we need a game night with the boys 😀
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Weekend Recap and Suzlyfe’s Common Yoga Mistakes ClinicMy Profile

    1. Yeah it was really cozy and well lit. I loved it. I would have spent more time there except that I ate all that delicious meat too fast!

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