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Grad Class + St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

Let me tell you how amazing the weather is here today. The forecast is saying a high of 70 degrees, the sun is shining, and there is barely a cloud in the sky. What a welcome sight.  I think the rest of the week it may head back down in the 40s, but that is still way better than it has been!

Ok, enough obligatory weather talk. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty action packed, so let me accost you with pictures.

Here in Chicago St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with a fervor like no other. The river is dyed green, there is a parade, and there are lines out the door for every bar you pass.  I definitely wanted to see the river and since we basically live on it, I expected to walk out of our building as the dyeing began, grab some pictures, then be on my way.  When we got out there at 9:15 am, there was already a sea of people. Take note of people lining every bridge and edge across the river as well.


IMG_1717.JPGI threw some ‘bows, then Neil and I took some absurd pictures (ok, I’m the absurd one).



We swung by Whole Foods because I needed some GF oats for these cookies that I was going to make for my graduation class.  Imagine my joy at finding a mini carrot cake cupcake. Almost there, but still had nuts in the cake.  The icing was spot on though.


I hurried home to bake the cookies and get ready for my class, which turned out to be a great success despite there only being 6 people to take it.  I’m happy with that given the state of everyone outside. Hey Suz!



My friends at MESTRENGTH were also gracious enough to provide me with samples of their drink mix for everyone to try! I reached out to them because it’s one of the few products that I have tried myself and I feel has helped me when I’m trying to get through those dreaded treadmill workouts. They come in a variety of flavors, have electrolytes and creatine, and you can drink it both before AND after a workout. There are also no carbs, no calories, and no sugars.  I’m sold.

I have a meeting tomorrow to more definitively determine going forward at Sweat (when to teach classes, etc) and I will fill you in as I know.  Thanks everyone who came out and I know many of you were there in spirit!

Following the class, I headed to my friend Jeana’s place for a family dinner. Jeana is the awesome lady behind aSweatLife, one of the sites that I have been working for. We had a delicious dinner of pad thai including both vegetarian and non vegetarian options.


Sunday I went for a beautiful 6 mile run along the lake. I seriously need to figure out a better way to track my mileage because my phone freaks out even when I don’t run underground. When it told me I had run a mile in 3:14, I knew something was wrong. I can’t find my Garmin due to the glories of moving, so what I did yesterday was start it all over again when I got to the path. If anyone has any suggestions about running in a city with a GPS, let me know. The good news is that it wasn’t wrong the other day and all of a sudden my pace has dropped to 8:30 miles! Who am I??

I have been craving another lemon and pistachio old fashioned donut, so on my way home I stopped and got one. Then I ran home and devoured it.


The rest of Sunday was errands except for an early dinner at a new (to us) sushi place near us, Niu. They had all kinds of interesting rolls, including one with strawberries. Cray.


Neil and I walked around some more, then headed home to watch movies and do all things lazy. I hope you had a great weekend!


  • Chicagoans: How was your St. Patrick’s Day?
  • Have you ever had fruit in your sushi?
  • What’s one fun thing you did this weekend?

12 comments on “Grad Class + St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

  1. I cannot stand the excessive-drinking crowd (#old), so I don’t really “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day. I went to the South Side Irish Parade once, many years ago, and hated it. Too many drunk people and the mess that follows them, crowded onto the sidewalks. So I generally avoid downtown & the party ‘hoods that weekend.

    But I’m glad to hear your class went well!
    Maggie recently posted…Salt Lake CityMy Profile

    1. Yeah I feel the same way. I only went out because I had to and when I went out early enough to get some pictures and run back inside. So many people!

  2. Fruit on your sushi??!! I mean, that sounds blasphemous… Was it good?

    Glad you enjoyed the Chicago St. patrick’s day. It’s a fun time.
    Woo hoo!! Way to complete your class!!

    1. It was good but my mouth was a little confused. One was mango and ginger (and other things) and that was definitely good. It’s no Nobu, but it was definitely good haha.

  3. Hahah okay yes you did run with a donut! That’s too great. That pad thai dinner looks so fun! What a great weekend. I still have to go see the river before the dye fades. I saw it last year so I wasn’t going to hightail it south for the actual ceremony (it’s crazy, right?!). Also that MESTRENGTH looks perfect for me now that I’m running so much more! Gotta look into that. Glad your first workout went well!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Weekend happenings: hello, Spring!My Profile

    1. Oh you know I did. The river is nowhere near as green as it was on Saturday, so I wouldn’t make the trip down here just for it. Just live vicariously through my pictures. Also I still have MESTRENGTH samples so I can hook you up when I see you next!

  4. The pistachio and lemon is so good. Also the double chocolate. You literally need like a bite of it because it is so rich! Those cookies you made us were sooooooo good. I meant to ask you how the strawberry rolls were at lunch today. We usually get the mellow yellow for Alex, and that has mango on it, which is amazing. I’ll have to see if I can convince him to branch out next time!

    Thank you for making me nicccce and sorre 😀
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Chicago Spring in my Step and Burning GlutesMy Profile

    1. The strawberry was different, but I didn’t hate it. We got the mello yellow too and I liked that one a lot. MMM sushi.

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