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These Are My Confessions

Good morning!

I’m feeling a little off this morning since I just found out that Maryland has denied my petition to be released early from probation–I think. The wording of their response is dubious, so my officer here is going to ask for clarification, but I am assuming they they only intend to waive the supervision fees that I will owe here in Chicago but keep me on until I am officially released in May 2016.  I am frustrated since both my officer in VA and the one here do not believe I should be on probation any longer, but apparently MD who has not seen me in 3 years does not agree.

It is a consequence of my actions that I need to accept, but I have also put great strides into turning my life around and living as a productive member of society.  I guess if the worst thing is that I can’t leave the country for another year, I can deal with it. Just sharing since it is Thursday and a great time for Thinking Out Loud.

On a lighter note, my friend Sara tagged me last week for a series of 10 confessions. Enjoy!!


1. I have a brachydactyly type D thumb. Basically, one of my thumbs is smaller than the other. Megan Fox has one too though, so that means I am a celebrity.



2. My nickname is Newt. I watched Aliens the other night and was reminded that the little girl is also called Newt. That would be a much cooler story than it stemming from my inability to refer to a runny nose as a “drooly snoot” and instead calling it a “newty newt.”

3. I am the oldest of 3 siblings. That’s not really a confession, so I guess my confession is that apparently as a child I wished I was the oldest of 1 sibling and not so subtly plotted to get rid of the other two.

IMG_1804.PNGI was unsuccessful. Now we’re cool.


4. I was born in Montgomery, AL. My father was in the Navy and I have lived in AL, TX, FL (twice), then MD.

5. I don’t drink. Drinking ends with me in handcuffs so I haven’t had a drink in almost 5 years.


6. I played soccer and was on the swim team in high school, but my favorite sport of all time is gymnastics which I did as a child. I have always regretted not picking it up again once we moved.  I must do it everywhere at all times.



7. I went to jail for 9 months. You can read why here.

8. I used to hate running but so far I have run one half marathon with at least two more coming up this year!


9. A friend and I were going to start a band in 5th grade called French Kiss and become international superstars.

10. I wore the same Halloween costume for 13 years in a row. I bought what must have been an 80s prom dress at a thrift store when I was 13 and wore it every year for Halloween until it was ripped and tattered. I finally listened to some advice and retired it to the trash, but only after a nice ceremony and some mourning.



I’m not going to tag anyone specifically, but feel free to share some confessions with me in the comments section!!


  • Tell me one confession!!
  • How do you handle disappointment?
  • What was your favorite Halloween costume?

16 comments on “These Are My Confessions

  1. I freaking adore you. You crack me up beyond belief, and you are just one of the smartest and most quality people that I’ve met. I am sorry that you are still dealing with this baggage from your past, but I am also not sorry because that just means that you can’t go far from me. And it has made you the hilarious, quality person that you are. We all have made choices that we may or may not wish away, but I think that you are in a fabulous place in your life right now, moving in a fabulous direction, and you have made so much out of yourself. And I think this will only light more of that fire within you to conquer the world. Which you totally could do. In that amazing dress (bridal or halloween? who’s to say). Love you you ridiculous creature. I am so glad that you are in my life!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Social Media Motivation + Nike Training Club ChicagoMy Profile

  2. Hahahaha, I LOVE this!!! First of all, I totally googled pictures of that thumb thing. WEIRD. But cool. And obviously celebrity status-worthy. Also, that prom dress is AMAZING!

    I’m sorry to hear that MD is being such a pain though! That really is a bummer, and I can only imagine how frustrating after you really have done so much to turn things around. 🙁
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted…Project No BuyMy Profile

    1. It’s definitely weird. I had a teacher in high school who had both thumbs like that. I’m just cool w one.

  3. #1 I’m dying, not because you have one…but because I didn’t know there was a name associated with her infamous finger! PS- I should have started this comment out by saying, sorry about the outcome you learned about recently, hope it starts to look up soon! My confession – I pee in the shower. Now my freak flag can fly! haha! xoxo, ganeeban
    ganeeban recently posted…Thinking Out Loud – Like I Do Every ThursdayMy Profile

    1. I know it sounds so technical! I would say your secret is safe with me but now it’s also out on the internet haha. No shame there I say.

  4. Sorry to hear about the denial, it sucks how the system works sometimes. Hopefully, your officers can get it straighten away and pull some weight to get it accepted prior to May 2015. Wow 9 months? I’ll have to read that story. I never dressed up for Halloween, it was forbidden in my home since my mother was hard core Christian. I can’t think of a confession soooo Happy Monday Erin! -Iva

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