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Weekend of Warmth

Happy Monday!

I can’t believe how great it was this weekend. Even though the weather was still in the 30s and 40s, it was so nice and I loved being able to get outside to enjoy it! To kick off the weekend Neil and I headed to Piece Pizza since I had seen a picture on Instagram of a piece of pizza the size of my head.




Saturday we had a first birthday party to attend for a family friend, so we drove about an hour outside the city and were able to spend some time with Neil’s parents as well since they flew out from MD.  This was the highlight of the party:


Speaking of candy, I also found these while looking for a birthday card for an infant:


The party took up most of the day and we spent the rest of it watching Terminator 2. Isn’t that what everyone does on a Saturday night?

Sunday was amazing because I finally felt I could brave the outside world to go for a run.


I made my way to the Lakefront Trail and braved the snow and ice covered sections to get to a clear path.  I always forget how much I love running outside until I do it again. I had started to get discouraged on the treadmill because now I hate it and I want to get off after 2 miles.  Running outside showed me that I am still able to run a comfortable distance and my pace actually seems to have increased since training for the last half marathon in September.




I ran somewhere between 5 and 6 miles (my GPS got freaked out when I ran underneath the street) and was rewarded with this view as I turned around.


After my glorious run, Neil and I headed to Old Town and I got lost in spices while he got his hair cut.


We had lunch at Velvet Taco after hearing Lauren rave about them. I would definitely go back.



I found this crazy futuristic contraption in a bathroom which ensured I washed my hands just so I could experience it.


Finally, we stopped by Whole Foods on the way home where I stocked up on essential ice cream.  We ended the night with The Imitation Game which I really liked. If anyone watches Sherlock, however, it’s basically the same character.


There are only 5 more days until my graduation class at Sweat! Sign up here!


  • Has it warmed up where you live?
  • What’s your favorite thing you did this weekend?
  • What is your favorite running temperature?

10 comments on “Weekend of Warmth

    1. I didn’t even know what to do in Spice House. I wanted it all. I’m not doing it, but I could perhaps be persuaded…

  1. So. Much. Good. Food.

    1) let’s go back to Velvet Taco again. I just love it so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it too 🙂
    2) come visit me out on Southport and we’ll get Jenni’s all the time 🙂
    3) so excited for your graduation! Will you be at the Sweat/Brews event at Sweat on Thursday night? I’ll be there!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…I can’t stay awayMy Profile

    1. I agree with all of these statements. I can’t make it tomorrow night, but I hope you have a great time! Let me know when you are working and we can snag some tacos.

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