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Five Things Friday #43

Happy Friday guys! Before I forget, if you haven’t entered my Blue Apron giveaway make sure to head over for a chance to win a week’s worth of free meals! Giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight!

This weekend is going to be pretty busy because my brother is flying in to run the Chicago Spring Half Marathon with me on Sunday! The forecast isn’t looking too promising, but hopefully we will have an adventure-filled weekend. I am also teaching at Sweat on Saturday morning so if anyone wants to rock out with me at 8:30 am be sure to head on over! If you’re not in Chicago that leaves you plenty of time for travel.

Neither my brother nor myself are ready for this race, so if anything it will give me plenty of material to write about.

  • “5637 Things You Should Never Do When Running a Half Marathon”
  • “Eating ≠ Training”
  • “13.1 Days of Running 1 Mile Will Not Prepare You for 13.1 Miles at One Time”

Rather than dwell on what I’m not looking forward to, let’s continue on to the 43rd installment of Five Things Friday!

1. Goddess and Grocer

I have been waiting for this place to open for probably about 5 months.  Goddess and Grocer is a healthy food stop that has FINALLY opened a block away from Sweat.  They serve soups, sandwiches, sweets, and other prepared foods and drinks. I first had the opportunity to try them out when I was taking classes at Atlas with ClassPass, but unfortunately that location was a little out of the way.

I was able to attend a media event the weekend before they officially opened and sampled toffee and their delicious breakfast sandwiches. Last night on the way home from work I  stopped in to grab a citrus grilled tuna special: Seared Tuna Steak, Lemon Aioli, Greenleaf Lettuce, Sliced Plum Tomato & Red Onion on Toasted Ciabatta. It was so good and I’m so glad that there is finally a healthy place to grab a quick bite when I am away from home.






2. Teriyaki & Pineapple Chicken Patties

From the same company that made the quinoa and kale chicken patties that I have been buying at Costco comes a different flavor experience. I found these when shopping at Costco yesterday and bought them to mix things up at lunchtime.  I normally only like pineapple by itself, but these were good and they seem like they will go great with Spring.


3. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

I love Brene Brown. I’ve recently finished her book Daring Greatly which was recommended to me and all of a sudden she keeps popping up everywhere. Before reading any of her books I also watched her TEDx talk on vulnerability and knew that this was a lady I needed in my life.  I went on a crazy Amazon spree the other day and ended up buying eight books, two of which were hers. The Gifts of Imperfection is definitely a book I need right now.

A shame and vulnerability researcher, Brene does an amazing job at describing the importance of taking risks and stepping through fear to embrace vulnerability.  I want to be like her when I grow up 🙂


4. Nutella Crepes

I really tried to not make this post be all about food, but I can’t avoid it. I even took a break from writing to try and come up with something from another category, but it didn’t work. It just seems as though food brings me the most joy during my week. Is anyone else like that?

I have written about the gelato at Eataly before, but I had never had their Nutella crepes. After not loving the consistency of the crepes at the Green City Market last weekend, I wanted to see if this dessert crepe was better (also an excuse to eat Nutella). I ordered their banana and Nutella crepe and it was amazing. The crepe was a little crispy and not spongy at all, so it was quickly devoured.



5. Owen + Alchemy

While I was waiting for my crepe, I turned and found that Owen + Alchemy had suddenly appeared in Eataly as well. I have been strangely obsessed with their packaging for some time, but their physical location is a little far away and I hadn’t made time to check them out yet. From their site, O+A is a “chef-driven juice apothecary, crafting cold-pressed, plant-based juices, smoothies, nut milks, foods, and custom herb blends.”

Owen + Alchemy is only in Eataly until 5/18, so make sure you check them out. There is also a possibility of them remaining through the summer, but right now that is up in the air. I wanted to try them all, but when I saw that the sample juice had blueberry and BASIL in it then I knew I had to buy that one. I wouldn’t make this a regular purchase since juices run anywhere from $9-$12, but I figured it would be my dessert after my Nutella crepe. Yes, I realize that doesn’t make sense.



So that’s it for my favorites this week. Wish me luck on Sunday and if I survive I will be back to see you all on Monday! Have a great weekend!


  • What’s one of your favorite things this week?
  • What’s the best book you’ve read recently?
  • Do you also get excited about packaging?

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33 comments on “Five Things Friday #43

    1. Yes I can get down with that. It’s also supposed to rain on Sunday so this should be interesting…

    1. I’m excited to try all their different sandwiches. Well if you are ever here in Chicago let me know and we can grab one!

    1. I almost didn’t eat it all which is crazy talk for me but then I did. It had to be done.

    1. It was good! I actually wrote my post about pregnancy the other week and then ended up finishing that book the next day. The whole last section was about parenting and it was the same message that I had just written about! I’m glad that I am on the right path and had her book to reassure me of that 🙂

  1. Have you heard of the writer Ann Lamott? She’s a woman who speaks to my soul. I watched Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability and although she covers different material than Ann, they both just…SPEAK to me. It’s like they know my shit and they’re calling me out on it. Anyway, I need to get those books asap. Thanks for the head’s up!
    Suzy recently posted…Blended Family Friday: The Gong ShowMy Profile

    1. Bird By Bird is actually one of the books that I bought during my spree. I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure it will make an appearance on here! Thanks for the tip!

        1. Oh good I’ll check those out too. That one was recommended to me so I was like ok, ADD TO CART.

  2. this post makes me miss Chicago, seriously one of my favorite cities in the world. the WORLD. lol just had to get my point across clearly.
    we just tried this crepe place and had a nutella one, it was honestly ok but for some reason i expected better. nothing was wrong with the nutella of course, but the crepe was too thick. i’m a thin crust person and thin crepe person, but all that goes by the wayside if we’re talking deep dish 😀
    good luck, i’m sure you’ll do great and of course have lots to write about! happy friday 🙂
    danielle recently posted…Random SauceMy Profile

    1. Oh yeah maybe that’s my crepe problem. The thick ones tend to get weird and spongy so I think the thin ones are where it’s at for me. Thanks for solving my confusion!

  3. I’m loving everything on this list, girl! I LOVE BRENE BROWN. Seriously, I watched her TED before I moved overseas and it really stuck with me. I have a seriously long list of books I need to read. Right now I’m actually reading a book my dad’s friend wrote (and it’s even signed for him – which is nice) it’s called “Reinventing Yourself” by Barnes Boffey. I think you’d like him, he’s a recovering addict – turned motivational speaker/counselor. My dad worked with him (my father was an addictions counselor too) and said he was hands down one of the most credible and amazing motivational speakers and authors he’d ever met. Have a great weekend!!
    Erin recently posted…Super Chickpea Chocolate Chip CookieMy Profile

    1. Sweet I’ll check him out! After I wrote that post I watched the talk again haha. She’s just great.

    1. I will not judge you. It doesn’t do much for me either, but I was in a weird mood and it was calling my name. I think I would be in even more trouble if I really liked it a lot since it’s so close.

    1. They are definitely delicious. It’s dangerous that they are just a block away. Sometimes I hear them calling my name…

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