2015 Blog Survey Results

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for those of you who took the time to complete last week’s blog survey. The results were definitely helpful and I am able to get a better idea of what will keep you coming back to visit 🙂

I wanted to take a little time and just go over the important points from the results so that we can all be on the same page about where I want Erin’s Inside Job to go. I put off reading the results and then got nervous as I scrolled through…is that normal? Probably. I think I have gotten used to horrible comments when I write for other publications so I was bracing to deal with that again. Luckily everyone was supportive and offered great feedback!

1. How long have you been reading Erin’s Inside Job?

Although I have been blogging for a year and a half, the majority of readers who answered the survey have only been reading for 0-6 months. That doesn’t seem surprising to me since my traffic increased when I moved to Chicago. I became a member of several blogging groups and the opportunities in this city are simply greater than in suburban Virginia.

2. Which post categories are your favorite to read?

The top three categories that people like to read on this blog are life posts, personal/inspirational, and fitness. Not everyone is a big fan of the recipes and reviews and even less like the blogging-related posts. That is understandable since not everyone who reads blogs is also a blogger and those posts won’t really have anything to offer (unless they decide to start one!).

I plan to limit blogging-related posts to maybe one or two a month which seems fair since there are bloggers who have found those helpful. I also like being able to research this information and pass it along to save you time.

Also, I realized that I usually just throw in the fact that I do fitness things or teach but don’t really go into personal posts about it anymore. I think being able to tie the personal with fitness may help kill two people with one dumbbell. Oh man that is awful but I laughed out loud so I left it.


3. What do you like most?

I got a lot of comments with “real” and “honest” in them. What a great compliment. Authentic and honest is how I try and come across and I’m glad that my writing is being perceived that way as well.

4. What do you like least?

I did get some valuable feedback in this section. Although it was the one that I was bracing myself for, I agreed with many of them and I’m glad to see that we all have the same thoughts on some things. The ones that came up the most were:

  • layout
  • no one general focus
  • not as interested in reviews

I have plans to work on the layout in the next few months. I want to switch hosting companies this month before my contract renews in July and then focus on the design of the whole thing. I am going to Blogfest next month in LA and I think a new layout will probably come after that. Whenever I attend a blogging conference I return home with plans on how to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. I know that this will be the catalyst to actually get me moving.

I agree with the lack of a general focus. That’s why I did this survey. There are so many things that I’m interested in and I want to talk about all of them ALL THE TIME. I know that will likely alienate more people, however, so I am going to focus on narrowing the scope of my posts.

5. Suggestions

Thank you to everyone who said they would keep reading regardless of if I started talking about my new found love of pygmy marmosets or advanced fertilizing technology. Ok, that wasn’t verbatim, but you get the gist. Actually, I think you would keep reading if I shared pictures of marmosets. I know I would. That seems like some kind of blogging inception.

ANYWAY, the general consensus was to combine more personal with fitness. I also love food though, so I can’t leave that out. I do think that now that I am official with my NASM certification that fitness could/should have a greater place on this blog.

The personal/inspirational posts that I write are my absolute favorite but they are also the ones that often take the most time. Not always, but I would say they are the most unpredictable. Those types of posts require inspiration and motivation and those things can’t be forced. Posts about my weekend or how I passed my NASM exam are easier to do because they just require a little storytelling and pictures outlining a specific series of events. Personal posts are entirely subjective and require that I be inspired to write about them. Sometimes they can be pseudo-forced, but there’s usually a gut feeling that I have about whether they are quality or not. Maybe I should get a muse.

Also thank you to whoever suggested PR Daily…I’m heading over to read more right after this!

Again, thank you all for taking the time to comment and answer the questions on the survey. I am trying to plan more posts out this month with my trusty CoSchedule (referral link) and I think doing them more than a week in advance will help me come up with a more cohesive lineup. Have a great Tuesday!

14 comments on “2015 Blog Survey Results

    1. Yeah, like I said I was a little concerned but I survived! Pygmy fertility would totally bring the readers in I think.

      1. Ha ha! I was kidding. I’ll love anything you write because you’ve been through so much and come so far. I respect you, and will read whatever shit you throw down because it’s got to be good if it comes from you!
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  1. I’m one of your recent blog followers and really love your content. I live in Chicago as well so it’s fun for me to follow along on your food and fitness excursions. I really like your honesty and straightforward attitude. Looking forward to more!

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